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Finnish doomsters Red Moon Architect are back with their third full-length, Review for Return Of The Black Butterflies 2017

Finnish doomsters Red Moon Architect are back with their third full-length, after the Concealed Silence (2012) and Fall (2015). While their sound dives deep into the death/doom roots, they still manage to create here and there kind of a sound of their own, especially with strong female vocals and captivating melodic riffs. Although the band label themselves as funeral doom, I still feel they are closer to regular death/doom, or even better said to melancholic doom.

Red Moon Architect is clearly no newcomer to the scene and they clearly know what defines a good record. The guitar work is exceptional, just like the whole instrumentation itself. The album Return Of The Black Butterflies is a strong follow up to the bands past works, I can say that it's their best so far and in a way could easily be considered as a fourth part of Swallow The Sun's album Songs From The North.  

The album pulls you under and crushes you under the weaves of the tide. Slowly carrying you out in the open sea, especially the emotional vibes of the amazing "Tormented" or "Journey" where such a catchy melody and breathtaking male/female duet can easily get under your skin. Beautifully and ferociously the album lingers on in its beautiful sorrowful way.

The album consists of six tracks of pure sweeping, yet crushing and highly atmospheric doom that will draw you down into the abyss. With the full album being "only" 48 minutes long its still quite a short one for being a doom metal album. The album name hints to a bit of inspiration from fellow Finnish doom masters Swallow The Sun and their monumental album Plague Of Butterflies.

All of the songs feel lengty yet very open in its sound, allowing them to breath more naturally. The deep growling vocals of Ville Rutanen sounds almost identical to the vocals of Mikko Kotamäki of Swallow The Sun. One might think he just went under a different name for this album. But never the less the album delivers on all basis heavy, melancholic and dark sound while slowly bringing in the melodies and cold vibe that only Finnish doom seems to have. The album is an esential must for fans of atmospheric and melancholic death/doom metal.
Rating: 7,5/10

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[SEREGOR]: Carach Angren has created its own world Interview 2017 Repost from Metaljesus magazine by Oliver

I had a chance to speak with the Dutch horror masterminds Carach Angren about their new upcoming album, horror movies, collaborations, originality and much more. Speaking with the guitarist and vocalist Seregor. Excerpts:
MJM. How are you doing today?
Seregor (CA): I’m doing fine. Thank you very much.
MJM. How did Carach Angren start? Could you tell us the beginning of this horror tale?
Seregor (CA): Well, The Netherlands is a small country. Back in the day in the beginning of the millennium, Ardek and I had our first metal bands. So we found ourselves pretty easily because we had the same taste for music. Ardek was the one calling me one day if I was interested. I declined because I was too busy at the time. Later on he got caught up in a band that needed a singer. They asked me to help out and there Ardek and I where together. Carach Angren started as a project. Ardek told me he had a younger brother who was able to drum. That’s where Namtar came in.
MJM. Your new  album comes out this June 2017. How satisfied are you with the overall initial response to the singles that were out from the album?
Seregor (CA): Very satisfied. I mean you can never please the full 100 % off course but that’s how it works in music and taste. Especially with the complexity in our music. But in general all reactions I’ve seen so far are great for this album.
MJM. Who took over the artworks?
Seregor (CA): We have always worked together with Erik Wijnands when it comes to photography and artworks but on this album we chose to collaborate with Costin Chioreanu who did an amazing job. He’s responsible for our animated horror-lyric videos and his style projects CA in a perfect way.
MJM. How was the studio process this time? Tell us about how it progressed?
Seregor (CA): It went more controlled or streamlined this time. We always work on pre-productions to have an image of how a song should sound for real. We work with different people like Patrick Damiani, Peter Tägtgren and Jonas Kjelgren etc. So actually there are more studios’s involved for recording, mixing and mastering the whole album. This time our brother Ardek took a great responsibility by not only composing but also mixing and recording main parts of the album before it went to Peter Tägtgren. For example; Ardek set up a little studio in his own place to record and edit the vocal parts I was screaming in next door. Our equipment was good enough and it gave us the opportunity to have a certain freedom to experiment with different styles of vocals.

MJM. Some bands do everything in the studio, while others are able to bring raw material into the studio and stick closer to the budget. How do you guys work when writing? Do you write at home or does most of it happen inside the studio.
Seregor (CA): No we definitely write the whole process at home. Off course things can change during the recordings but like said we always work on a pre-production. I literally need to have that song here in my fucking face for weeks and months hehe. I see it as raw statue we work on. It takes time. Like one of my handmade masks. It would cost us a fortune if we had to go into a studio starting from scrap. We could invent some parts during a jam-session. But only if they’re good enough they’ll be taken home to be analysed and dissected like some fucking alien organism. In order to be rebuilt until we are satisfied.

MJM. Each record by Carach Angren has always featured a very complex and brilliant orchestration along with its story telling, how do you work to combine the two elements?
Seregor (CA): Thank you! In most cases we come up with a story and we simply start to compose in its atmosphere. Especially in Ardek’s area there’s much room for instruments in order to make it already sound like the story without any lyrics at that time. If you listen to our second album you’ll hear many sounds associated with a nautical environment. Ghost ships and seas! It’s not that complex. We simply write music as if we’re directing a film. If you’re deep into composing it will take all your time! And I believe that’s the trick. You begin to like what you compose, you’ll fall in love with it until a point it becomes obsessive. You cannot let it go until it’s perfect and that’s the way Carach Angren composes. From musical arrangements, drum rhythms to storytelling.

MJM. How was the overall response to new single Charlie?
Seregor (CA): There was a great response! Before ‘Charlie” we released ‘Song for the dead”. I noticed that some people didn’t know what to expect because this song was not that complex and fast compared to our previous material. But this was a conscious choice. With ‘Song for the dead” we wanted to create a very sickening and emotional atmosphere. No use here for blast beats and aggression. But off course CA will always be a metal band. That’s where ‘Charlie’ came in. ‘Charlie’ has that typical threatening Carach Angren feeling in it. It makes you feel uneasy but powerful in a way. “Charlie” is a perfect first track for this album.

There were hundreds of bands who tried this since the late nineties but we can prove with our albums that Carach Angren has created its own world

MJM. Carach Angren is often linked to bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc. What is your opinion about that?
Seregor (CA): That’s understandable because that’s the area of music we come from and these are the bands we grew up with. Since the beginning of our time these bands ruled their scene so when we came up with corpse paint and keyboards we had to prove ourselves. We are simply not the first band who invented this kind of music/image so we had to work hard to create our own unique style. There were hundreds of bands who tried this since the late nineties but we can prove with our albums that Carach Angren has created its own world.

MJM. The production on Carach Angren albums has always been very polished and clear compared to many Black Metal records. How do you work to achieve such perfect balance between clarity and atmosphere? 
Seregor (CA): That’s comes with the style of music. Since the beginning it was clear that Carach Angren is a band that needed a pure sound. We don’t need too much distortion on guitars or delay/ reverb on those vocals. That’s because we have so much to tell in our music. And when you want everything to be heard it can be a challenge for the sound engineer. We always have to make choices because certain melodies can drown within the sounds-spectrum when there’s too much going on. Off course sound engineers will determine how it sounds in the end after mixing/ mastering. But most of it we automatically decide when the writing process begins.

MJM. Carach Angren’s lyrics have always been one of the very well made.  Who’s the mastermind behind the lyrics of Carach Angren and how are the stories chosen and written ?
Seregor (CA): We come up with appropriate stories all together. If we like a certain tale it starts to grow in our imagination and later we decide if this story works for on album. For ‘Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten’ Ardek and I are responsible for writing the lyrics.

MJM. Now, speaking about the new album. Who came up with the title?
Seregor (CA): That’s a phrase from the track ‘Song for the dead’ written by Ardek.

We are very satisfied with his work because manages to make the album sound really powerful.

MJM. Your new album was recorded in Tidalwave Studios’ and Abyss Studios in Sweden. I understand this is the second time you work with Peter Tägtgren. How was it and what did he bring in musically into the bands sound?
Seregor (CA): It was great as always! I myself never had to be physically present at the Abyss Studios but Namtar and Ardek worked some time with Peter to record the drums. They always come back with fun stories. But Peter did an awesome job. We are very satisfied with his work because manages to make the album sound really powerful. It’s easy to pump up an album and make it sound ‘full’. But its art to make it pounding like a hammer and let the rings, bells and melodies come out perfect at the same time. Peter Tägtgren is simply one of the best sound-artists out there.

MJM. What are your thoughts about the overall metal scene today with streamings, and albums being leaked almost even before they are written?
Seregor (CA): Well it’s the way of the world now and if you take care of business you should be fine. These are the changes you have to go along with anyway. The internet is a great tool to promote your band but off course it has its ups and downs.

MJM. CD sales are dropping and vinyl sales are increasing. Do you find this is a growing problem for you and other bands ?
Seregor (CA): If it would compensate I don’t see it as a problem. These kind of changes can be difficult for bands but I believe that people always want something in their hands. A record, CD, LP whatever. This is a time where you have to stay sharp, release strong albums and keep doing live performances to sell your products.

The guitars are much tighter now, my vocals more controlled and my stage performance became more explosive.

MJM. Carach Angren is known as a three piece band most of time but you have emphasised on using live musicians even without a bass player. What is the reason behind it?
Seregor (CA): We started as Keys (Ardek), Drums (Namtar) and myself on guitars and vocals. We called ourselves ’the triangle’ because we collaborated with different musicians and it never worked out for several reasons. That’s when we decided CA will always be a three piece band. Meanwhile, it became more difficult to combine the guitars and vocals for me and it resulted in an injury. So 2 years ago we decided to permanently use live-guitarists. Luckily we have some good friends, ‘Bastiaan’ and ‘Ludo” who have been doing a great job on it!  The guitars are much tighter now, my vocals more controlled and my stage performance became more explosive.

MJM. Have you ever considered to score a horror movie ?
Seregor (CA): As I speak for myself, I thought about acting now and then and it would be great to have a fitting act. It shouldn’t be that difficult for me being a good ‘bad guy’.

MJM. Could you tell us about your upcoming tours lined up? What are your plans for Carach Angren in 2017?
Seregor (CA): There are some tour plans but nothing has been confirmed yet so more news on that later. For now we are doing some European festivals in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Finland and Italy.

MJM. Do you have any final words to your fans and followers?
Seregor (CA): Many thanks for your support and see you soon at our show… to Dance and laugh amongst the rotten.

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Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea Review

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea 

Set sail together because everyone's favorite rumsoaked pirates are back.
ALESTORM has returned to the seven seas with treasure in sight.
No Grave But The Sea is the band's latest pearl, and the band's 5th full length album.
So Sail away into the blue horizion because Alestorm is taking you on a conquest over the seven seas for a treasure hunt.
No Grave But The Sea is as rumsoaked as it is well written. The band makes a triumphant return to claim their gold back with songs about getting drunk and sailing. The band really knows how to make a solid performance. As we dive deep into the band's new stories, we can happily say that the sound of ALESTORM, as we know it, has not changed a bit.
It's in fact one of the most unique bands of today.

Pirate metal or folk metal you name it. They've been called everything.
No Grave But The Sea is no doubt the band's finest work since Captain Morgan's Revenge.
With their Jolly Roger theme and melodic keybords they really bring they really come out stronger in this album. Important is also that they never let go of their wonderful sing along melodies.

Christopher and his crew of the damned is back again on the seven seas for a new treasure hunt. Every track of the album is just pure gold. With the Opening track really sets the mood for this record. With the 10 songs Alestorm manages to live up to the anticipation of the fans with this album.
ALESTORM'S music has so many elements that its really hard to put to words what really makes them stand out. Is it the endless keybord melodies or the unique voice of Christopher Bowie and his self irony that makes the succsess.

Fire Up The Canoons and all hands on deck. NO Grave But The Sea is out May 26 on Napalm Records  

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DYING FETUS Release Second Single “Panic Amongst The Herd” From Upcoming Album [Official Music Video]

DYING FETUS Release Second Single “Panic Amongst The Herd” From Upcoming Album [Official Music Video]

Us based Brutal slam Death metallers Dying fetus are back with a new album this year and now we have the pleasure of announcing their latest single " Panic Amongst The Herd" of their new album Wrong One to Fuck With
Dying fetus spawned in 1991 and has since that day been pushing out 7th full lengths with Wrong one to Fuck with being their 8th studio album.

that is set to hit the streets in June 23rd
the cover art and track list follows below!
while many fans are still contemplating what to expect of their new album we can
promise that it is good old hard hitting Dying  fetus,
Brutal Slamming Death Metal with elements of technical thrown into the mix.

Wrong One To Fuck With‘, track listing:

1. Fixated on Devastation
2. Panic Amongst the Herd
3. Die With Integrity
4. Reveling in the Abyss
5. Seething With Disdain
6. Ideological Subjugation
7. Weaken the Structure
8. Fallacy
9. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One To Fuck With
11. Induce Terror(Bonus Track)

Pre-order ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ here,

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Swedish Symphonic Extreme Band Zornheym have unleashed their cover art plus track listing for their long anticipated album, Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns

Swedish Symphonic Extreme Band Zornheym
have unleashed their cover art plus track listing for their long anticipated album,
Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns 
the album is set for worldwide release 15th of  september 2017 
CD/digital via Non Servieam Records

The band comments
Together with Dies Iona Ensembly and ZORNHEYM’s bombastic “Chorus Tenebris” choir, they have created the perfect soundtrack to your entry   into the Asylum's care.
With magnificent cover art by Pedro Sena -and the amazing graphic novel illustrated by Art by Bring; with every chapter telling more of the tales behind each song.

“This is the first chapter in the history of ZORNHEYM and we are so very proud of the outcome. The performance of everyone involved has been amazing. To use so many real instruments from day one feels like such an accomplishment. This is just the beginning!” states ZORNHEYM’s guitarist, Zorn.
“It was a great pleasure to take part in the journey of the creation of this record. To have Zornheym here in the studio with the ambition to make an album that is so much more than an ordinary metal album made me very excited to produce this recording from day one. Now looking at the final result, the power of Zornheym's music can't be denied really.” states Wing Studios' sound wizard Sverker Widgren.
Mark your calendars, on the 15th of September the gates to the asylum open!
ZORNHEYM - “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Dwells”
1. The Opposed
2. Subjugation of the Cellist
3. A Silent God
4. Prologue to a Hypnosis
5. Trifecta of Horrors
6. ...and the Darkness Came Swiftly
7. Whom the Night Brings…
8. Decessit Vita Patris
9. Hestia
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In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017 review

In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017

IN REVERENCE started their musical journey in 2010 with Filip and Oscar being the only members wishing to form something unique within the extreme Metal Scene,
But not until September the band had a complete line up.
They brought in the talented musicians Sebastian Wedholm (guitar), Pedram Khatibi Shahidi (guitar) and Roni Ivonen (bass). After a few months they released their first demo called "Necrosis" in 2011. Later they changed the name to IN REVERENCE.

The band was originally inspired by deathcore bands, and death metal, but the sound came to life but with a totally new atmospheric sound unlike anything heard before.
In 2011 Roni Iivonen decided to leave the band after the demo was done. He was replaced by Dennis Morgun for the recording of the debut EP called Hallucination, a combination of the demo sound and newer material.

Only a year after the "Hallucination" EP, the band started to have difficulties again. as Dennis and Sebastian quit the band, leaving Pedram, Oscar and Filip behind on the vessel. The trio remained united and decided it was in the band's best interest to change their musical direction to a more death metal oriented style.

Pedram took on the new role as songwriter and lyricist for the next release.
The next big break for the band was The Selected Breed , a stomping return for the band, that really brought the hard work together and introduced Pedram as songwriter and lyricist.
The Selected Breed was the result of years of hard work and military discipline focusing on work together.

Combining dissonant guitar riffs with atmospheric melodies with an oriental touch , The Selected Breed could be compared to bands like Nile, to describe
their vibe.

The whole album sings with joy in the ears of the listeners from the first song. with heavy riffs and infuriating drums making their way to a new era for metal. Without becoming a cliche or too scared of going a different path , In Reverence shows skills and perfections in their art.
The 9 songs flow on well and together with the magic artwork of Billy Lundevall and Patrik Tegnander . The Selected Breed is an album that will last a long time and should not be mistaken for some newcomer. With a good mixture of Death metal and adding a good ambience with the touch of atmospheric vibe The Selected Breed will for sure be an album that I can see making its way to the top lists of 2017.

If you still haven't preordered the album after listening to the two amazing singles I am suprises me.  

The Selected Breed Is OUT WORLDWIDE May 26th on Non Serviam Records 

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Scottish Pirate horde ALESTORM Premiere New Video ‘Alestorm’ from their upcoming album No Grave But The Sea Out May 26th

Scottish Pirate horde ALESTORM Premiere New Video ‘Alestorm’ from their upcoming album No Grave But The Sea Out May 26th,
so many times we have all asked ourselves when are we gonna hear something from our lovely Scottish rum soaked pirates Alestorm, and with ton of teasers about the new album including the album art dropping months ahead everyone begun to wonder when we would hear something new,
And today we can finally present a new chapter for the band called Alestorm,
what else to be expected aside from no pirate ship but still the same good old catchy melodies, and rum soaked pirates returning to the big screen, with their new track Alestorm, and of course this is a truly great song, I mean what can go wrong...
Despite leaving poor Elliot screaming his lungs off its still gives Christopher enough time to cheer us up with his hym about pirate life, drinking and set sail.
Alestorm new album No Grave But The Sea will be out May 26th on Napalm Records,

Pre-order "No Grave But The Sea" now!