Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Swedish Bay Area Thrasher DEFIATORY Unleash first teaser for upcoming video King In Yellow taken of their new album Hades Rising Out Now!

Swedish Bay Area Thrasher DEFIATORY Unleash first teaser for upcoming video King In Yellow taken of their new album Hades Rising Out Now!
with two full length's now under their belt and new shows coming up
Defiatory is gearing up for their new release of the track King In Yellow taken of their new jaw breaking album Hades Rising a total must have for any Thrash or Death Metal fan for the matter. with glowing reviews all over the globe and fantastic reception of their comeback album Defiatory present their first little glimpse into the world of KING IN YELLOW, the video is directed and produced by Standard Film Team Sweden.

Check out the Video Teaser below!

Sunday, 23 September 2018


, ORKAN’s lineup, comprised of founder members Gjermund Fredheim (TAAKE’s live guitarist notorious for having created Black Metal’s only banjo solo) and  drummer Rune Nesse, along with bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-GRAVEMACHINE), are well qualified to able to create an uncompromising sound that is not just emotion-filled, but also varied.

Having recently debuted the track “I flammar skal du eldast”, from their latest album “Element”, the Norwegian Black Metallers now show just how varied their sound can be, with the release of a video for the track “Heim”, which can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/hQ_kqCeeM9U

As drummer Rune Nesse explains:

We are excited to present Orkan’s very first music video! ”Heim” is a song that clearly stands out from the rest of the tracks on our new album, Element, and, when choosing which track to use in the making of a music video, we were all quick to agree on this particular song.  When filming we set out to convey the mood and atmosphere of the track and we’re pleased to share the result of this process with you now!

“Element” itself came into being during a particularly difficult time for ORKAN.  Having started on it in 2015, the band had to fight their way through the ravages of cancer and a rare muscular disease, but won through and have produced an album whose songs are more layered  and with a more and complex production than their debut full-length “Livlaus”.

It  is a ferocious album that deals with the power of the four elements, and stands as an homage to the unforgiving strength of the earth as witnessed by the landscape of ORKAN#s native land – the Island of Stord.  Whilst taxing in both mind and body to make given the circumstances, the resulting album has proved to be as rewarding as it was difficult to achieve,  drawing you in and totally enveloping you in darkness

With photography by Atle Helland and artwork by Tom Korsvold, the tracklisting on “Element” is as follows:

1. Lenker
2. I flammar skal du eldast
3. Iskald til beinet
4. Motstraums
5. Avmakt
6. Den våte grav
7. Heim

“Element” will hit the streets on Dark Essence Records on October 5th, 2018 in CD and Digital formats and is now available to pre-order from:

Bandcamp: https://orkan1.bandcamp.com
Webshop: https://www.darkessencerecords.no/webshop/
US Webshop: https://darkessence.aisamerch.com

ORKAN will be joining TAAKE, BÖLZER and ONE TAIL ONE HEAD for the following nine shows on the twenty-date tour:

04.10: U Basyla, Poznan, PL
05.10: Way of Darkness, Lichtenfels, DE
06.10: 013, Tilburg, NL
07.10: Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
08.10: The Dome, London, UK
09.10: Rebellion, Manchester, UK
10.10: De Casino, St-Niklaas, BE
11.10: Petit Bain, Paris, FR
12.10: Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, DE

More information about ORKAN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ORKANMETAL

The previously debuted track ” I flammar skal du eldast” from “Element”  can be heard below and at http://orkan1.bandcamp.com/track/i-flammar-skal-du-eldast

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ORKANMETAL
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/OrkanOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/orkan_official/
Bandcamp: https://orkan1.bandcamp.com
Band Contact and Booking:  orkanband@gmail.com

Dark Essence contact: post@karismarecords.no
Dark Essence Records: www.darkessencerecords.no
Dark Essence Records Bandcamp:  http://karismarecords.bandcamp.com/
Dark Essence SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records
Dark Essence on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/darkessencerecords
Dark Essence Records Webshop: http://karismarecords.bigcartel.com/
Dark Essence Webshop North America:  https://darkessence.aisamerch.com
Dark Essence Records KlickTrack (Digital formats):  shop.klicktrack.com/karismadarkessencerecords

Monday, 20 August 2018

Blood Of Serpents - Sulphur Sovereign (2018) - Review

Band: Blood Of Serpents
Album title: Sulphur Sovereign
Release date: 25 September 2018

01. Mater Tenebris
02. In Darkness, Brotherhood
03. Devil's Tongue
04. Evictor Of Christ
05. As The Temple Burns
06. Canticle
07. As Nocturnal Dimensions Beckon
08. Upon Waters Dark
09. Prophet Of A False Faith
10. A Void Between Worlds

Black metallers Blood Of Serpents hails from the deep forests of Småland, Sweden, and Sulphur Sovereign is the bands' second full length album, and the first one featuring drummer Christoffer Andersson and vocalist Thomas Clifford known from Throne Of Heresy and Abscession. The band debuted in 2012 with the EP Leave You To The Flies, which was followed in 2013 by the second EP Mind Made For Murder and finally in 2014 by the debut full-length Black Dawn.
The new album Sulphur Sovereign is slated to be a standout black metal release of 2018 and upon hearing the first track it becomes clear what we are in for, this is pure crushing evil black metal, without leaving to much room for melodies, but yet there's some space for some indulgent impeding melodic patterns that arise from the shadows to make everything a bit more audacious, with all this the band carriers forward the style that has a lot in common with bands such are Marduk, Belphegor, Funeral Mist and Dark Funeral.

The thing that made me fall in love with this record is the sound intensity and the speed, mostly because I'm a huge sucker for bands like Marduk or Belphegor and it's quite clear that fans of those bands will love this album. Each one of the tracks on this album breaks the standards of today's black metal production. Blood Of Serpents know clearly what they are doing in terms of building up the hype and mystery surrounding the album, just listen for example to the majestic almost epic track  "As The Temple Burns" and you'll understand what's my point.

Each track brings back memories of the good old days when albums of black/death metal pioneers like Belpegor, early BehemothEndstille,... were dominating the scene with their ferocious uncompromising black metal. Blood Of Serpents with Sulphur Sovereign have released that kind of an album that will change the scene for the better with raging guitars, insane drums and harsh vocals from the depths of hell.
The band offers throughout the album very dense and rich sound that reminds in the first place especially to Marduk's early output Frontschwein or Serpent Sermon. So, I think that you understand what are you in front of and if you are a fan of the bands mentioned above then Blood Of Serpents new album Sulphur Soverreign will be your lucky hit for sure! The album drops on 25th of September so be sure to not to miss out this majestic album from these Swedish black metal masters. This is an anti-theistic opus for those who see through the thin veil of religious servitude, it's an album that in the first place draws on a respectful Swedish black/death tradition, but yet it's not just repeating the old patterns.

Review written by: Oliver
Rating: 8/10

Monday, 9 April 2018

Hyperion Perennial Ascendancy Tour 2018 - Swedish Symphonic black metallers Hyperion are ready to once again bring chaos over Europe on their second European tour

Hyperion Perennial Ascendancy Tour 2018

Swedish Symphonic black metallers Hyperion 
are ready to once again bring chaos over Europe on their second European tour the tour will take them through both East and South Europe this coming May , and today we are proud to inform even more tour dates dates for upcoming European tour May 2018 
this tour marks the closing chapter for their 2016 debut album Seraphical Euphony with them on this tour a slew of old and new faces will join forces to conquer Europe support bands for total tour are
Asenblut, HelrothMisanthropiaThyrgrim,EffronteryMornirOdium Humani Generis Like Fire , Nucleanus Broken Chair

please have a look out for tour poster.
Hyperion Perennial Ascendancy Tour 2018

10/5 TBA
11/5 Warsaw (Voodoo Club)
12/5 Łódź (Magnetofon)
13/5 Kraków (Cemetery Pub)
15/5 Budapest (S8 Underground Club)
16/5 Brno (M13 Rock & Pub)
17/5 Leipzig (Mörtelwerk)
18/5 Köln (Valhalla Metal Club)
19/5 Berlin (Blackland)
20/5 Hamburg (Bambi Galore)

KATAKLYSM & HYPOCRISY Announce “Death…Is Just The Beginning” European Co-Headline Tour

Montréal based melodic death metallers KATAKLYSM announce that they will be teaming up with Swedish death metal legends HYPOCRISY for a European co-headline tour! After several years without any touring activities, the band with Peter Tägtgren (PAIN, LINDEMANN) is back in business; KATAKLYSM will release their upcoming studio record, »Meditations«, on June 1st, 2018 through Nuclear Blast. The tour’s special name traces back to Nuclear Blast’s popular sampler series and promises nothing but evenings of moshpits and endless devastation. Don’t miss out on this outstanding tour and secure your tickets now!

KATAKLYSM’s Maurizio Iacono commented:
“It’s been in talks for over two years and finally both KATAKLYSM and our brothers in HYPOCRISY can make the schedule work to join forces once more. It’s been almost 15 years since we toured together and the last time we did the tours became instant classics. It‘s that time again folks… KATAKLYSM & HYPOCRISY team up once more for a world tour beginning with Europe this fall. To make things even greater our record label Nuclear Blast has come on board and baptized the tour »Death…Is Just The Beginning«, a homage to the old classic compilations that made so many fans discover both bands back in the day. This will mark the return of this classic compilation with this tour and maybe give other artists the chance to get discovered like we did. DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE!”

HYPOCRISY’s Peter Tägtgren added:
“I hope that you are just as excited as we are, because we are very happy to announce that we are finally warming up the HYPOCRISY engine again and that we will be back on the road in fall! We will be touring Europe together with our friends in KATAKLYSM! The tour will be an overview of the chaos and confusion created by HYPOCRISY over the years. See you out there!”

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Occult Hard Rockers Acârash Reveal Details Of Debut Full-Length Album


Dark Essence Records have set the 8th of June as the release  for the debut full-length album from Norwegian Occult Hard Rockers ACÂRASH.    Titled "In Chaos Becrowned", the eight track album was mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem at the Caliban Studios in Oslo,  and features artwork by Lasse Almqvist Scherven. 

Tracklisting for "In Chaos Becrowned", which will be released in Digi CD and LP formats, is as follows:

1. Cadaver Dei
2. Shadows Roam
3. Gathering of Crows
4. In Chaos Becrowned
5. Ashes of the Mortal Mind
6. Legio Obscura
7. Sacrifice the Winter Wolf
8. Cenotaph in Flesh

ACÂRASH, whose lineup comprises Sølve Sæther on drums, Lukas Paulsen on guitars and Anlov P. Mathiesen on bass and vocals, was formed in Oslo in the fall of 2016,  and is rooted in the 80s and 90s avant-garde rockers THE VOID .  With members hailing from bands such as LONELY KAMEL, ZECTION8, FAUSTUS and DEEP REST, ACÂRASH is a band whose influences are varied, and which embraces tradition, yet manages to forge an identity all of its own.

By combining  hard rock, with doom and black metal, ACÂRASH  has succeeded in forming  a  sound in which esoteric poetry and ritualistic contemplation are central to the music, and mirror the nuances in both sound and musical contrasts.

With "In Chaos Becrowned", ACÂRASH has  shown an ability to reinvent, whilst at the same time  preserve, in order to deliver a record that explores and develops the boundaries of rock and metal, and naturally alternates between raw catchiness, dark introspection, and progressive playfulness.

More information about  ACÂRASH can be found on the band's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/acarash/

A series of short teaser videos from ACÂRASH's debut full-length album "In Chaos Becrowned" can be seen on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pg/acarash/videos/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/acarash/
Band Contact:  info@acarash.com
Dark Essence contact: post@karismarecords.no
Dark Essence Records: www.darkessencerecords.no
Dark Essence Records Bandcamp:  http://karismarecords.bandcamp.com/
Dark Essence on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/darkessencerecords
Dark Essence on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkEssenceRecords/videos
Dark Essence Records Webshop: https://www.darkessencerecords.no/shop/
Dark Essence Webshop North America:  https://darkessence.aisamerch.com
Dark Essence Records KlickTrack:  shop.klicktrack.com/karismadarkessencerecords
Dark Essence SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Dimmu Borgir have proved once again that they are back for good after over 7 years of silence. On May 4th, the black metal masters will bring us their new full-length album Eonian and today, they unveil their second single with a nice music video.

With 1.3 million Youtube-views on their first single 'Interdimensional Summit', Norwegian black metallers  Dimmu Borgir have proved once again  that they are back for good after over 7 years of silence. On May 4th, the black metal masters will bring us  their new full-length album  Eonian and today, they unveil their second single with a nice music video.

The experimental, folkloristic 'Council of Wolves And Snakes' is risking a look far beyond the horizon and proves that the band follows 'no formula, no absolute', as Silenoz (Official) vows, and shows that the path sometimes guides them to places they would have never expected to end up when they started their journey.

Vocalist Shagrath (Official) states: "It's a song that sticks out from the rest of the album, it's DIMMU BORGIR going into an experimental direction, but you can also find a lot of black metal inspiration in the middle section of the song. We are a band that has never been afraid of trying out new directions and artistically this is surely a very interesting and different track."

The digital single is available for download and streaming via this link: http://nblast.de/DBCouncilWolvesSnakes
Pre-order the album here: http://nblast.de/DimmuEonian