Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Forgotten Tomb - Hurt yourself and the ones you love

Forgotten tomb
whose name not to be mixed up for! its sounds!
the band has always done what they always saw fit their work!
and I truly admire that.
lately there hasn't been much extreme surprises in record wise, but I do think this one counts, its very different the new material even if it's still possesses the same lyrical theme, the bands sound has indeed changed a lot over the years from 2003 Springtime Depression which I still to this day hold as a classic in my eyes,
dark depressive melodies, that really makes your soul to weep...
the gloomy atmosphere is still left in their new material...
even if its faster, and more brutal sound maybe is the right word!
The new record blends elements of doom and black metal into one big party!
even if I can't stop thinking at some points it reminds me of death metal...
heavy riffs along the way that holds a barrier of feelings...
the songs are catchy in so many ways its hard to not listen and enjoy,
If I was to describe the sound I'd say its a mixture of Doom metal, Old school death metal... with their overall black metal lyrical theme..
the drums are angry and fast not really slow at all that I may be first expected, but never the less its good powerful sound.. The guitar tone is very modern,
no very dirty at all infact the whole production is very clean and punchy sounding...
mostly likely tuned down guitars , the vocals are screaming and furingly impressive...
yet they are clear in the sound...
I do think with this sound they would appeal to more people in the death metal areas... but then again there are hints of their previous work indeed so its not that strange to hear this,
some songs are quite obviously more doomy feel to it I think my favorite so far is
number 1 Soulless uppheaveal for its clearly black metal feel and the structure in the songs,

as we dive deeper into the songs we hear much more of their old style but with a more modern edge to it... which is why I mean its good , but I do kinda miss the old Springtime sound...
but I am not the one who would bother about a bands natrual change..
infact I enjoy this record as much as if it would been their first work...
I admit I haven't heard that much of Forgotten Tomb in the last years but its always nice to hear new and see how things develop,
i find it bit different indeed to write a reveiw over a cup of coffee among flesh, yet I don't mind the isolation of solitude that this new record brings...

As we move along to the near bitter end, a string of slow melodies appears!
I didn't quite expect that but its a nice change of phase the really slow sorrowful guitars are back just like Springtime depression... indeed a instrumental piece of art
to sum up this record is as always a challenge to me as I would say I its unfair to sometimes rate a record because I truly enjoy them all...
for different reasons, but still a person can miss something that maybe is not that obvious in the music anymore...
But I can still feel that this album did please my hunger
and indeed gives a craving for more.
so lets see what they are up to next?
If i had to rate this record I'd say it's definitely worth a listen

6,5/10 still I not quite as good as Springtime album but hey its just me!


Shining - IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends (A trip back in time)

Shining - IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

When we think of Shining a lot of people just think of all rumors and they forget the whole band and the fact they are indeed skillful musicians,
their new album Ix Everyone , Everything, Everywhere ends
is not an easy task to talk about, as so much things has happend since these days..
the first I noticed when they started streaming songs and the album , or what really caught me both of guard is the feel its all much faster than their previous record,
the second track Vilja & Dröm , is indeed my favorite of them all, the guitars are purely amazing , reminds me a lot of the new Mayhem record for some reason
not quite sure why but its the riffs that seem so much darker than before,
and indeed maybe more powerful,
chugging guitars riffs over blast beats grinding drums, indeed different from shining, but I like the approach...
Niklas voice is on top as always delivering like nothing before...
although the band never really stated they are a black metal band I can't escape but saying their new songs has a lot of those key elements that I personally love with Black metal from the early 90s, the classic sinister shining riffs are still there,
along with the lovely melodies of Huss and Euge that really creates a splender performance in one unit, on this record...
kinda like maiden in a way guitar harmonies and such truly beautiful. I admit I am a bit blown away by Niklas clean vocals , really good and somewhat strange in the same way but it really shows more than one side of the band...
I think a lot of people will compare this to be a twin album to Shining's beloved album Halmstad... I can personally hear a lot of songs that would make some of these songs to fit on Halmstad, the guitar solos that accompany the melodic riffs are just so good , its hard to not praise this record... I get a lot more of an actual band feel then before... Since this time around the album was written by Euge and Niklas then the rest contributed in the studio as people would expect...
but I do think this is their strongest work since Halmstad...
I will point out and say that its wrong to say Shining
is solely a black metal band because there are so much more influences that surrounds the band , I would say they are Extreme metal without diving to deep into the sub genres and such, since I hate label bands...
But I guess its quite impossible these days to avoid but ill do my best...
lets put it like this as Dee snider of Twisted sister once stated music and lyrics allows a person to find what they are looking for,
if you are looking for black metal you will find it in this record for sure, but its also allows a person to really find what ever they reallly enjoy in the metal world...

one song that really just stood out in sense of new records was människotankens vägglösa rum that song really reminded me of the new Mayhem record...
or at least parts of it.. the fast blast beats mostly... but as always they proove they are their own genre, with adding the clean breaks into their sound.

one of the things that I always loved with Shining is their acoustic guitar melodies that seem to haunt on every album here and there,
one song that really just stood out in sense of new records was människotankens vägglösa rum that song really reminded me of the new Mayhem record...
or at least parts of it.. the fast blast beats mostly... but as always they proove they are their own genre, with adding the clean breaks into their sound.
one of the things that I always loved with Shining is their acoustic guitar melodies that seem to haunt on every album here and there,
its a quite short album only 6 tracks but its 6 tracks of pure golden music...
I can with pride say that this album is indeed one of my favorite of 2015
so far! lets see what next door unlocks!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestalis [ Terra Relicta ]

AS you may notice I have started to write for Terra Relicta as well! its a new fun job!..

After long wait Gorgoroth is finally back
I can't really describe how exicited I was when I first heard they had a new album coming up!'
this album is really what I would or any fan could expect from Gorgoroth,
fast blast beats and tight 
neatly tremolo picking
guitars, high pitched vocals!
its like I am back in the early days twilight of the idols ,
the thing about Gorgoroth that has always made me love them is their unique style with mixed riffs of some thrash and some even death metal influences!
although I think this record speaks truly by itself!
Gorgoroth have the power to really suck you in the music!.
its not hard to say this material is by far the strongest they have done since the early days!...
Hearing the new line up together like this really brings you hope that Gorgoroth's new line up is bound to be! since not to recently I noticed their new fill in singer was no other than Hoest from Taake on their recent tours !
but for this album its a new person behind the mic Atterigner of triumfall
who does an amazing performance in this piece! each track really delivers that raw christ raping black metal. that we are known to expect from Gorgoroth,
despite a lot of conflicts within the band , they are still kicking it strong.
its hard to pick a favorite of these tracks as they are all amazing...
their new vocalist really shines out through the voice! even if some might think it does sound similar to ghaal but still brings out his own touch to the songs!..
never the less

moving forward into this new album!
Instinctus Bestialis is truly a work of art in itself! it keeps the 90 black metal spirit alive the torch is burning! I must say some of the riffs kinda reminds of the twilight of the idols album mixed with the antichrist album.
Despite this being the 9th album it still rings fresh!
behind the drums is no longer Nick Barker as if you have been living under a rock..
but Swedish Drummer known from none other than Dissection Tomas Asklund
he's been with Gorgoroth since 2007 and lets hope he continue to stay !
with the band...
his drumming is very special. In many ways
the guitar duties are as before done by Infernus , and you can tell its his playing, the riffs and the melodies sings like razorblades... cut through flesh
I think its safe to say Gorgoroth is back to defend the black throne of which they have been leading the past years..
if you are fans of the older material and like their old songs then the new ones will sit perfect I am sure, melancholic tremlo part, with brutal grinding drumming, will please anyone..
Instinctus Bestialis is a true work of art!


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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Demonical Black Flesh Redemption 2015 [Agonia Records]

Demonical Black Flesh Redemption

Demonical is back stronger than ever!
with their new ep a strong 4 track ep of crushing old school death metal!,
I admit I haven't heard that much of Demonical since  their album Death Inferrnal 2011, but now and then you natrually put on some new music from them ether on the road or while just sitting at home drinking beer !

The new ep prooves they are back to hold the banner high for Sweden in the old school death metal scene!,  since we all know when I think of Old school Death metal I think of Sweden, and I can only think of 4 bands that can do it!
Entrails, Entombed , Demonical,Grave

I guess this ep is somewhere between! the production is brilliant! as so is the musicians,  strong catchy guitar riffs with pounding hard hitting drums!
the guitar sound usually speaks Sweden!  before the band state they are Sweden!
and what do I mean by that , Yes that most of the Swedish old school bands tend to sound the same music wise! not all the time, but often the bands have a very similar dark bright sound on the guitars...
Not at all bad.. Just pointing out

overall I can really say I enjoyed this ep more than I enjoyed Entombeds Left hand path, Demonical has a darker edge to the music a black flame that burns deep within the band that always makes them stand out!.
the perfect mixture of all ingredients to create a good record.

The vocals are raw and gripping!
like you would want them in Sweden!
its a bit odd to not hear Widings on drums , as I kinda associate him with
Demonical although he was only their session drummer !
but never the less the new session guy Kennet Englund does a great job matching Widings footsteps!...
Lets see what await us! as Demonical takes over!
I'd give this ep 9/10
because its truly worth it!'


Demonical on-line:
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Website: https://www.demonical.net
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Agonia Records:

Website: http://agoniarecords.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/agoniarecords
Twitter: https://twitter.com/agoniarecords
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords
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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Niklas Kvartforth (Shining) Swe Interview 2015 - Ix Everyone Everything Everywhere ends

Ix Everyone Everything Everywhere ends album cover! 

Swedish band Shining whose new album IX Everyone Everything Everywhere ends is soon to be out! we were able to talk to the frontman founder of the band Niklas Kvartforth about the new album and how things are looking in the future ! as well as a possible Halmstad gig!


Your new album IX / Everyone everything everywhere Ends is soon to be out! How did you come to that name ?
The title has followed me since 2006 but didn’t feel compatible with how things were going back then. The title itself should be self-explanatory. And maybe give a hint where things are heading with this band, who knows? I like the idea of a title that can mean several things, depending on who reads it.

How was the recording process working with Andy La Rocque ?
Extremely easy-going compared to last time. When we recorded “Redefining Darkness” we spent eleven weeks in the studio, whilst this time around three weeks was enough. Andy is not only a fan of what we are doing but he also understands and knows how to work with the kind of schizoid material he’s being given. Also, it’s very good that he, unlike most others we have worked with throughout the years, has an opinion about things and therefore pushes you extra hard to give it your best in times of uncertainty and delusion.

Most of your lyrics are written in your native tounge ! Do you find it easier to express yourself in that way or has it just become a natrual thing ?
It depends from time to time really. Lyrics are very important to me as an artist but unfortunately, because of this godforsaken internet-age, there have circulated several incorrect translations made by so called “fans” of ours, which ultimately resulted in me having to publish a book a few years back with my own, correct ones. The second edition is actually almost sold out now but I’ll publish a third one in a near future which also will include the new lyrics. To sum up, yes, it is easier to write in my native tongue but as said, it’s nothing I am in control of. What’s being put on paper is what is being put on paper, regardless of language.

Over the past years many people have come and gone in Shining , would you say that the musicans are tools that you use to express your work that is Shining , since Shining is Kvarforth?
As I clearly defined my fellow musicians as a “toolbox” since the very early days, yes, that was the case, and several of these people had to be replaced repeatedly. Just as with a real toolbox, the instruments lose their effectiveness and you throw them away, getting new ones. However, the current line-up has remained pretty much the same for the last three years so nowadays I would actually consider Shining as having grown into a real band, whatever that means.

Your new album cover is quite different who was artist behind it ?
Yes, the cover is distinctly different from any past album of ours, which is more of a coincidence than a choice really. As with everything else I do with the band, I just go where my gut takes me, and this time around there were no existing ideas that I found suitable for where this album was heading so I therefore contacted one of my favourite contemporary painters, Daniele Serra, asking to use an older canvas of his for the cover. Unfortunately at the time, that very painting was unavailable so he then offered to make something from scratch based on the themes of the album. I think it turned out perfect. However, there are people who seem to disagree, saying it does not look like a Shining cover, but who the hell are they to tell me what a Shining cover looks like?

Could you walk us through your live / studio gear like do you have any special gear that you just can't live without in the studio?

There are a lot of blues influences in your music where did they come from?
I’ve always been a huge fan of blues so of course the genre itself has had an influence on my own writing, as have other types of music not related to what we are doing.
You mentioned in many interviews you'd like to do a tour with Opeth, Alice cooper, King Dimond  is that something we might expect for the future ?
Too early to tell, but yeah, I would rather tour with bands like that so that we can expose ourselves to a new kind of audience. Don’t get me wrong, we’re perfectly fine with what we currently have but the need for expansion is always there and I believe that in order to reach a certain audience, the Opeth one for instance, we would have to tour with them as most of their fan-base wouldn’t even consider having a listen to what we do because of all rumours, things that have happened in the past and so on. And most fans of these other bands probably believe we sound like Darkthrone or something you know.

Many people praise the album Halmstad as your best work! Have you ever considerd doing a full tour playing that album from start to end! ?
Actually yes, we’re considering doing a “Halmstad” tour on the 10th anniversary of the album release. I understand why people consider this a milestone of our discography, and I do too, and it would be fantastic to bring the whole thing on stage with acoustic instruments and strings included. 

Is there any chance of seeing any covers from Alice cooper or mabye Guns n roses? 
We already recorded a Alice Cooper cover which was used as B-side for the first single we released with the seventh album. We have also discussed doing a cover of “November Rain” or “My Michelle”, but as things look now we won’t record any covers whatsoever in the nearest future.

How does the writing process work for you ? Are you the person who can just grab a guitar and start pumping out tunes ? Or do you build all music inside your head  first ?
I mostly complete a full album in my head before even touching a guitar. This time around though, things worked a bit differently as it was Euge, and not me, who kick-started the writing process by contributing his own ideas. 

Can you name some movies that really inspierd you ?
I watch a lot of movies and must say I have been inspired by countless ones throughout the years. But I guess the one that have made the biggest impression is “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch. There is a certain darkness hidden within that film which no one else has ever come close to conjuring.

Both  jazz and blues seem to be some major influences in your music is that  something you plan to continue with ?
As said, I am not really in control of what direction my music is taking when I write it. I just follow my heart and never think twice about where the darkness leads me. So, if there is a jazz thing here, or a blues thing there that has manifested during the process it’s meant to be there regardless of whether people find it “suitable” or not.

Shining is no longer just swedish members but also have gotten some Finnish blood in
Could you tell us how you meet each member ?

Looking back at the early records the sound it has changed quite a lot
since Within deep dark chambers to Redefining darkness ,
would you say that the change was a natural progression as a musician or was it intentional?
Definitely. As I said, I just follow my heart and considering I was twelve years old when I started this band and now am in my early thirties it’s not that odd that my writing has progressed quite dramatically from “Within Deep Dark Chambers”. I mean, the sinister and melancholic aura of Shining has always, at least in my ears, remained the same. And that’s really all Shining needs to be.

How long was the writing process for the new record ?
Two weeks.

what  were your musical influences  when growing up ?
Guns N’Roses, John Carpenter and Burzum.

At what age did you pick up the guitar also did you take any basic lessons? Or self tought ?
I am self-taught, although I did participate in a “how-to-group” for about 2 lessons. I think that was when I was eight or nine if I’m not mistaken.

What are your thoughts on socialmedia is it a good tool for bands  to utilise in order to spread your music!
It’s definitely a good tool in terms of promotion but nothing I want to partake in. When we travel for example, all the others talk through Facebook and stuff like that, and get this endless stream of meaningless information that I want absolutely nothing to do with. Personally, I think it has somewhat destroyed the basic foundation of anticipation and mystery but yes, it is definitely a good tool to use when promoting something.

From what ive read all members contributed to the new album ?
No. Euge and I wrote the album. Huss arranged the intro. But yeah, when you’re in the studio everyone more or less contributes by adding their “colour-scheme” to the result.

Whats the best and worst experience that you've had while being on tour?
You have to wait for the documentary to find out about things like that. There are just too many fucking bad things that have happened for me to mention in a brief interview you know. There are hundreds of rumours out there that I am aware of but most don’t know the worst and that’s why Martin Strandberg has decided to make this film, or at least one of the main reasons.

Since half of the new line up are Finnish , how are you able to practice together ? And how often ?
We have never practised together. They show up, we perform.

Do you have any festivals planned for this summer?
Yes. We’ll play a couple of festivals during the summer. Though, momentarily I cannot recall the names but be sure to check out our website frequently for updates on things like that.

Do you have any last words before we wrap this interview up  ?
Thank you for the support! Hope you’ll “enjoy” the new album and make sure to attend any future ceremony held in your area, or travel to wherever we might appear.

 HYPERLINK "http://www.shiningasylum.com" www.shiningasylum.com
 HYPERLINK "http://www.shininglegions.com" www.shininglegions.com 


Special Thanks to
Patricia Thomas Mangement ! 
for the help  and arrangment! 
and Thanks to Gunnar of Season of mist!