Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thy Light suici ,de ,pression a dark depressive tale!

I believe that Every Thy Light song has a story just waiting to be told. 
which is why I choose to portray my review like this! this is a true masterpiece demo!
   I heard this demo first time back in high school and I am still today amazed on how this musical piece moves me in all ways! Paolo is surely the master of feeling and emotions in the music world...!
as a matter of fact if you are a fan of his work then you should also consider checking out his main band!
Desdominus  where he is guitarist and vocalist! kinda has a early Hypocrisy sound!
you will find links to that in the end!  how ever back to thy light to say the least this is a 10/10 ep!
although its never officially released before on cd you can now get it on Pest Production

Looking back at the time I knew this would never be the answer!
yet it all felt so right at the time.
how comforting and lovely the thought of it felt.
the sweet bitter echo of my laughter as the blade pierced my skin!
I tried to understand how it became like that, 
yet it was my own fault.

I took a few steps back from the road before a car just passed,
I guess it was not my time yet.
I've had thoughts about this for a long time 
yet it was hard to put the words to mouth,
I tried to face them but something stopped me,
Each mishap plays a beautiful song in my mind...
a ballad of sadness and despair 
I sat down on my bed and went through my old stuff looked a bit subconsciously at it and
 threw it at the floor.
I thought this was the final step but there was more to my torture my prison of eternal life,
I gazed upon the moons cruel light, shock my head and picked up my guitar and started to play what was to become my own doom, a bright soft piece, 
that sang beautiful as the rain was pouring down...
on my window.

looking back I realize I never thought  I would go this far or that it would end like this. 
but I guess this is it.. I sat down at  my desk and started to write what was going to become my final goodbye,
a long awaited journey,
 to my end.
I thought how lovely the smell of my own death would be! yet remarkable how fast the dead travels!
I walked slowly into the bathroom and crossed my fingers in hope for a bit of luck.
on the way...

as I stepped into the bathtub filed with hot water, slowly but gently piercing my skin,
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes...!

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Thursday, 17 April 2014