Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Haunted is back with a new killer Line up for 2013

Swedish metal band The Haunted is back after a year of silence! with a new killer line up!
feat Ola Englund, Adrian Erlandsson ex member, and Marco who also was in the band in the early days!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Negator - Gates to the Pantheon 10/10 A masterpiece

Negator - Gates to the Pantheon ,

new album by the german black metal solders Negator.

First off I was very excited about their new album!
once I got a hold of the digital copy I just had to put it on right away!
my first impression was it was mind blowing from the first track it opens up heavy aggressive and fast.
I can really feel the power of the music!
I have been a big fan of the band of quite a while since when I discovered Panzer metal,
I must say the new album has every element that I love about black metal, all melancholic tremolo picking , and the aggressive fast dark chords, also Nachtgarm's vocals is just mind blowing.
every verse is 100 % you feel in every bit of the songs.
each song has its own charm like a curse waiting to be unleashed.
I am just about 3 track into the cd and I feel like have to buy the official cd this is really some crazy shit!
the track Epiclesis start off quite slow reminding you of a behemoth song almost!, but bursts of in amazing atmosphere  
the two guitar players Finnskald and 
Kliffjård plays brilliant together like razors cutting in the wind, they create an evil force together,

I can say my favorite track has to be the serpents court. moving along the battle filed the bringer of war is on, the opening gives me chills due to its dark sound,  am not sure how to describe the song without being an understatement, lets just say if this was compeared to slayers raning blood it would be 8/10 

in Negator. Thats how good I think it is.  

Negator knows how to create a good feeling in the air, with the track The last Sermon opens up with killer timing.. 

echos vocals which I really dig dark minor riffing almost close to dark funeral or behemoth.
I know that black metal is tricky to create but negator has really made their own imprint on the sound.
a lot of songs feels like they could have been of Behemoth's album Evangelion, in other words its a amazing...

I can feel that they have a lot of influence of the death metal map, I would say this album is like a perfect blend of black metal and blackend Death metal close to Belphegor,

for any fan of this genre is album will be a blast!
we give it 10/10

Artist: Negator