Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dark funeral - Nail them to the cross [SINGLE 2015 ]

Dark funeral is back stronger than ever
with their new highly anticipated single Nail them to the cross and Temple of Ahriman
this single is is pure beautiful magic in itself!
the title track Nail them to the cross delivers like one can expect but with a slower beginning tempo sort of leading up to the big bomb!
Ahriman knows what he's doing !
the song is has a very catchy riffs and kinda sinister
the songs rages on with crushing speed and clarity this time it's Daniel Bergstrand from Dogour studios! behind the wheel!
and you can tell its much heavier the mix is tight and crushing!
the drums sounds very natural , as always I am impressed by Dominators drumming! insanely fast blasts !
the master of grind!
Nail them to the cross is not just new in itself it also shows the vocal styles of Their new singer! Heljarmadr as the new member along with bass player Natt!
The other track is Temple of Ahriman
I remeber I was very interested in hearing it! as Lord Ahriman described it!
and when I finally got to hear it! it was really beyond amazing
I mean if you liked In my Dreams and My Funeral , Temple of Ahriman is above all!
other , its like My funeral on steriods ! really that brutal!
the chorus on each song  sings so well inside your head like  you would hear it! 
you can't stop singing Nail them to the cross!  or Welcome to the Temple of Ahriman
Dark funeral is indeed exploring new areas! darker than before!
Temple of ahriman is a beautiful melancholic sinister piece! 

 Heljarmadr vocals are beyond amazing 
they are purely satan inside!
high pitched screams to deep guttral vocals 
that would impress even any death metal fan! its not room enough to describe how awsome and awated this new single is! just a true work of magic!
I remeber seeing Ahriman leaving small clues and photos from his home recording and just imagnining how it would sound all done!
and all I can say is so far this is beyond any of my expectations! And the new album will crush all mortality !
and nail them all to the cross!

DARK FUNERAL 2015 is: Lord Ahriman (Guitars) | Chaq Mol (Guitars) | Dominator (Drums) | Heljarmadr (Vocals) | Natt (Bass)