Monday, 25 June 2012

Interview With Sarah Jezebel Deva 2012
by Abyss Promotion

First I would like to thank you for taking time to answer my questionsIts a real honor for me to be able to do this interview with you Sarah
  Also  I would like to give you my compliments when it comes to the new ep it sounds really awsome, I must say I think its a really strong song Malediction. I know alot of people were really happy when you were going to work with Dani again , I myself was stunned due I am a huge Cradle fan I love your work on every album your an amazing singer I am proud to be able do this intervew. Well lets start!

Sarah - Thank you, we all worked very hard!! 

1 Could you tell us what was your inspiration behind the song "This Is My Curse"

Sarah- "This Is My Curse" is about the SICK, disgusting FUR industry. How C**Ts want to wear a dead skinned is just sick. No respect for life. People think these animals are killed in a painless way? No, they are skinned ALIVE and treated like shit. I do not think ANY human with a heart could think this is ok but to then wear it because its part of fashion? The human race has a lot to answer for.

2 What is currently happening in the band?

Sarah - Dan is working hard at Legacy London, his recording studio but most of us retain a normal working life. We are writing a new album though and we do have shows coming up. We are not taking a break but are looking for good, honest management.

3  Aside from music what are you hobbys apart from music ?
Sarah- For our bass player Ablaz, its drinking and partying ha ha ... For me, just working, catching up with friends and being home with my husband and cat. I spend so much time online, I do not have time for a hobby right now but when I do have time, its shopping ;) Dan, I guess he doesn't have any hobbys right now because he works so hard in the studio, recording bands. Damjan is at Uni but has a few other metal/punk bands and I guess his main hobby is drumming, I think its his life and as for Azz, the other guitarist, well, I can't answer for him. Stamp collecting?? ;)

4 Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics / music
Sarah - People inspire me, situations, bad people and bad situations. I like to make people think about their actions. Humans are pretty disgusting in my eyes, so selfish and nasty and they make for good writing. I write a lot about betrayal, child abuse, animal abuse. Its very rare I write positive songs simply because happy songs rarely make good songs. As for writing, well, metal, in general. We do not aim to sound like anyone and whatever will be, will be! We write and if we love it enough and feel we can make it better, we keep it. All our tastes are varied but mine and Dan's are more extreme.

5 In addition to this new ep I heard you helped Dani filth on Midnight in the Labyrinth. Could you mabye tell us a bit how that idea came up  and how do feel with singing the old Cradle songs ? 

Sarah - Well it was strange getting the email from him, seeing as I hadn't talked to him since late 2008 as I moved to Australia. We didn't end on bad terms but there was no contact between him, me and Paul. Some things are best left unsaid. So, getting the email with the offer to do this album, I had to talk to some people, decide if it was the right thing for me and of course COF. Singing the old stuff again, well, made me feel a bit wierd but nice wierd! Dani and I chatted a bit but its was like, business as normal. That what it is, business. I think Dani just wanted me, the original singer. I think he felt it didn't feel right to have just anyone. I am glad we both decided to work together again.

6 Are you planing on releaseing any new material soon? like a full album
Well apart from Malediction, the ep that just came out, we are writing the new album slowly, have 7 tracks, a title and the art sorted, so I guess next year for the next full length but I am hoping people will stop stealing our album and actually buy it and support us and music. Its dying, the scene, due to the damage it causes bands and record labels.

7  How do think the response has been on the ep so far as the first track has been out awhile now :) ?
Sarah - I think its doing well. I hope people paid for it ha ha But the reviews have been great but, you can not please the world, someone will always have something nasty and immature to say. can't  win them all ;)

8 Looking back at your career a lot of people know you from Cradle of filth, how do you view upon that people often associate you with them is it a natural thing for you ?
Sarah- Well I was there for 14yrs, part of the furniture. I am grateful people have some kinda loyalty towards me, I am glad the fans have been so great but the press, well, they couldn't give a damn, never acknowledged what I did for COF but oh well, move on.... onwards and upwards I hope. Therion and COF did a lot for my singing career but I did a lot for their sound. I am proud of what I have done and grateful for all that has happened, good and bad. I learn from it.

9 For young vocalists what would be your advice in order to become a good singer ?
Sarah- DO NOT SMOKE!! Always warm up your voice, do not have dairy and take your voice for granted, you can damage it very easily. Limit the drunk, late nights and remember, once it is gone, the voice really is gone. Your voice changes as you get older, grow with it. Get a good "In Ear" System, it could save you and protect your ears!!

10 On this record you have worked with friends from both Soilwork and Cradle, mainly Dani and Martin Powell in fact, What did they bring musically to you how do you feel about working with them again :) ? 
Sarah- Bjorn has an amazing voice, I see him as a real, talented singer. It was a honor to work with someone as talented as he and he just made that song so much more passionate for all of us. Dani, well, the theatrics, he is an entertainer and me and him, well, we gel well. Like salt and pepper ;) Martin Powell is a great friend and ALWAYS there if I need something AND he is amazing at what he does, trained and knows more than most about music. He is currently in Uni and will become a doctor of music soon, very intelligent lad but, we know each other well, he knows what we, as a band need and he is very open and hard working. 

11 For those who haven't heard the first track how would you describe it 
Sarah- Heavy! Its very Black Metal in places. I am sure people will compare it to COF ;)

12 Personally I feel a bit like its has a sound like early Nightwish? 
Sarah- I do not agree. I do not sing like her and I do not feel we sound anything like that kind of music BUT I respect others point of view.

13 What where some your influences while writing this record ?
Sarah- Just metal. We are not goth, not symphonic, we are just metal but our moods change, so sometimes heavier metal and sometimes lighter metal. 

14  What are your favorite songs to play live ? 
Sarah- Loving "This Is My Curse" right now but also "No Paragon Of Virtue".

15  Any last words to your fans and friends ?
Sarah- Yes, fans or haters, take a chance, you never know what you may be missing but, thank you for even reading, means a lot and see you on the road, we hope ;)

Thank so much for letting me do this interview with me Sarah it's real honor
Best of luck on Tour! and I am Looking forward to the new Ep as hell :)

Thank you loads and sorry you had to wait :/
(P.s..please use up to date band pic, I do not like to exclude anyone) xxx