Friday, 31 May 2013


Blackend Death band behemoth announces their new album is not far away! it been named The Satanist


Pick up the June/July issue of Revolver Magazine featuring Metallica on the cover to read an in-depth studio report from Nergal

BEHEMOTH, who have been holed up in Hertz Studios working on their tenth full-length album, are pleased to announce the title of their forthcoming full-length album—THE SATANIST. The album will come out in the fall of 2013—stay tuned for more studio updates, music, preorder info and more at

"It took us over two decades to come up with a title that…says it all. While our new songs artistically take surprisingly adventurous directions, our message stands steadfast—Proud and Radical. THE SATANIST stands for undying yearning for liberation and love for freedom in all aspects of life. Considering all our life experiences that often took dramatic curves I couldn't think of more appropriate and fitting statement of who and where we are now” comments BEHEMOTH front man Nergal.

More updates will be posted as they are made available. Fans can stay up to date with the absolute latest at and

Tuesday, 28 May 2013



As many know, I am a loyal follower of the local metal scene in my area.
it sometimes happens that some bands I never initially would bother impresses me, not only because I followed this band since early start but also because I know they're a band who not only knows how to scream loud and make themselves heard,
The sanity Decadence is a metalcore band from Umeå which has now released its new ep, after last year's sequel All the World is a Stage ...

When I listen through these songs again but this time not from the edge of the stage we are greeted by a band that really has the same feel on disc live ..
the band is tight with each other and it shows they've been playing a few years together,
I want doc to emphasize to other people that I am not known to like metalcore and I stand by. But this band is a band that has simply been a positive side with this genre, and that they have distinct features of In flames, and other gothenburg acts ...
The band has definitely found his sound and it is evident both live and on their records.

I recommend everyone to read the lyrics and find their own mind of this ep,
I think it is a foretaste of what is coming on a future album.
Ep is produced by Ronnie Björnström the genius of Bone Gnawer, Hate Ammo etc a famous guy clearly knows what he's doing, and it sounds even to some extent that it is Ronnie behind the controls .. He really gets the best out of all the bands.
everything is recorded in his own studio EAP Garageland Studios in Umeå,

Anyway for you metal fans, etc., this is a band I strongly recommend perfect for festivals need some heating in the audience.

More at

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

fisherman's death kulturnatta ume metall open air 2013

Here are some good pro shots from the gig!'
also followed by some nice photos!
taken by Anders Danielsson! the gig was a blast everyone was screaming and shouting!

Here is the full set!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fisherman's Death ep/gig promo

Fisherman's Death's ep has been out now for a while on various sites to listen to and buy but still there is more time to promote as they are now confirmed to play at ume metall open air 2013!
in sweden!  18 May they will deliver the ep in its full majesty plus a couple of good old tunes!

More info on Fisherman's Death ep here!

Fisherman's Death  2013  Grom Tmina release !
Taken from their new ep Uncharted Waters out on Tmina/grom records 2013
all creds to Fisherman's death and rights
more info at

You can buy the ep at spotify Amazon and many other digital platforms!

well back to the gig!

Link for the event on fb

It will be a raugh 30 min set
23:10 the Fisherman will enter the stage!

Döbelns Park VS Ume-Metal for the 8th consecutive year!
UMOA is a free festival that is also a part of Culture Night.
First band release takes place on Christmas Eve 2012.
It is free to be desired band commentator fields below.

First up we have the return of local thrash heroes LETHAL! Two years of silence is broken now!

Other band we have to offer on a cold day like today is the world's best ninja power metal band; NINJA MAGIC!

Then we need to raise the incredibly stylish poster Ricky Jonsson took the time to make on our behalf, all the credit to him (little cred to Erik Grahn Järlund also did lay out the aforementioned :)

Winners of the Ume-Metal Battle who settled into his gig is:

An Abstract Illusion
Fisherman's Death
Meadows End

Stage times:

18:00 to 18:30 - Meadows End

18:45 to 19:15 - Extracts
19:30 to 20:10 - Sectu
20:25 to 21:10 - Lethal Steel
21:25 to 22:10 - Lethal
22:25 to 22:55 - An abstract Illusion
23:10 to 23:40 - Fisherman's Death
23:55 to 12:55 a.m. - Ninja Magic

New video by F.K.U Black Hole Hell

swedish thrash band has just put out their new video for the song Black Hole Hell

check it out below!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Band of the week 2013 (Plector)

Band of the week is back nothing fancy just a lot of talk around a certain band I personally enjoy!
which is Plector a Death metal band from North of sweden,
they used to be very active but disbanded in 2012 I think,
however the band was very folkish and very active during the early years!
and very well loved for its amazing beer folksy sound!

here are some reasons why I loved Plector

1 Amazing music
2 always a good show they went really crazy on stage,
3 always made awsome small home videos

and a million reasons really but here are some really cool videos for you to check out!

Creds to the photograph

Also check out their new albums
Dark and Spiteful  2010August 1, 2012

Also a new video of their new album

And below are some crazy live footage

Friday, 3 May 2013

Ume metall open air battle 2013

Vote for fisherman's death
Throw in your vote for fisherman's death ;) we would be very grateful for all votes and shares we can get so if you can spread and support we thank you a lot!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Soon new design and new stuff up here ! after a break but this name is bound to stay :)
welcome to Toxic Holocaust Promo blog I will have facebook page to promoting everything inside metal!
from local music to bigger shit :)