Saturday, 29 March 2014

Folk viking band TVIVEL!

-Right tonight band or todays for some :p Swedish Death folk metal band TVIVEL

From what Ive been told by their guitar player! this is kinda how this epic journey started 
me and Pontus wanted to continue making music together after we laid down our past projects Vaalturion. we scraped together some members and started making new music after we played the last of our old material (ash era and whirl wind king) and seems like that TvIVEL was founded!

If you are a fan of folk metal then you will love this band, if you like Finntroll which I am sure you do!
since you listen to this kind of music..
then you must check this band out! combining Death with folk metal! kinda like Amon Amarth! but different!
here are some small info!

Below you can find your links to download and stalk the band!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Who the fuck are Machine of scars?

Machine of scars ! (Melodic Death metal from north of Sweden)
Founded deep in the cave of ours, Machine of scars is a description of the bands statement and ivolves lyrics that are directed as information.

Some know them maybe by their earlier work and some don't,
the fact that they created an entire new sound and image does a lot!
we can still remember some of their more classic songs from Fisherman's death! thats right its the same foks behind this, genius project just a bit different sound heavier more like a Meshuggah gone In flames,
mixed together!, but still its a genius ep! technical and brutal,
north of Sweden really take their music serious! 
I am sure we can expect something cool from this band soon!

Machine of Scars  are

Joakim Häggström - Vocals
Thomas Ernestål - Lead Guitars
Nils Löfgren - Rhythm Guitars
Casper Forsmark - Bass
Gustav Holmberg - Drums

the ep contains 4 tracks of good techical chugging melodic death metal!
Track 1: Shift Of Mammalia
Track 2: Machine Of Scars
Track 3: The Mark
Track 4: Brahma

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Arch Enemy premier new video War Eternal !

Arch Enemy premier new video War Eternal !
with their new singer Alissa White-Gluz, former vocalist of Canadian act THE AGONIST.
I really dig the new song! and sound its heavier then most of their other songs and it really brings in new fresh ideas that truly needs to seen! and heard!  
check out video below!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hovf Vargtid a classic that really delivers!

Hovf is a one man band from Sweden Ale,
the bands sound mix between folk and black metal, kinda like the early days,
the demo of Vargtid is a raw dark performance,  the first track named
Satans dimma which is the opening score,  the track has some really  interesting vibes,
the drums and all guitar production reminds of what Varg vikarnes called necrosound, or corpse sound, the early beautiful days when black metal was about feel not about how fast you play...  The song kinda stays in the same mid tempo, the vocals are harsh and powerful!,
perfect start, as we move over to the next track called Dold I dimma, the track still has the old school norwegian black metal feel, like a slow version of Mayhem Deathcrush, it marches on with steady pulse,  still kinda has a nice soft beat to it, but there are very clear hovf is also very influenced by folk metal, you can still hear the classic folk metal melodies, or mabye its viking theme, I am not sure, but damn this is good stuff.
moving over to the last track slowly. The tittle track Vargtid, a mid tempo song that has some really erie feel to it agressive drums, the guitars are tremlo picked for the most,
the beat is classic thrash beat that kicks the songs pulse up,  and still we have the more calm parts of each track and this song, the double bass drumming is very simple,, as if it was some old burzum tune playing right now, I think Hovf is on its way to make it into the top shelf of my albums,  and in many other stores, I think there should be more like this indeed hovf has really shown that there is more to his side then what meets the ears...
if you're a fan of the old days of black metal then you should check out Hovf!

Vargtid was recorded Februari 2014 in studio Hovf, most likely his own..

More info at

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dead December

Dead December 

First off I am a huge fan of classic music elements in metal,
the track from dead december Everybody dies is a strong peaceful yet perfect mourning track,
the song has a slow clean sharp piano tune in the beginning along with a girl singing very softly ,
her voice is very beautiful yet it screams sorrow, and sadness, right from that moment we are carried away,
as I think deeper the way things have been lately and all,t he song becomes more and more important as it plays a different role,
as I cross bridges and landscapes, both here and in the past i do think the song has something really unique to offer,
the blend of symphonic elements and some Doom influences 
which is very clear, 
I must say I have never heard of this band before yet it feels like i have known the band longer,
their other song I saw you drown is a bit more melodic and has a bit more of a power metal feel, but still its raw and dark,
a lovely symphonic feel along with the lovely piano that I grew fond of,
the melody is very beautiful, almost as if it was written just by itself,
and the girls voice is just mind blowing,
her voice is very shy yet very mature,
the dark growls are very good, 
the depth the feel the anger…¨
the mix between her and the growling vocals are almost seamlessly made together , perfect blend.
the drums are very well made as well, the whole production is done by someone who seem to know what he is doing,
and is sure on the right path,
as I approach my final steps this gray day this last tune that plays so softly in my head fills me with sorrow, 

kinda sad to say but I  wish to hear more,