Sunday, 27 November 2016

SORROWFUL LAND OF RUINS Welcome to an epic doomy journey


Band: Sorrowful Land
Album title: Of Ruins...
Release date: 7 November 2016
Label: Solitude Productions

01. A Reminiscence 
02. Requiescat 
03. On Another's Sorrow 
04. Of Ruins... 
05. In The Time Of Tyrants 
06. Echoes Of Endless Silence

Welcome to an epic doomy journey! First of all I must say that lately I've been on a slight doom metal ride and Sorrowful Land with this magnificient album named Of Ruins... just came to me in the right time, and what an amazing recod they have built up. It's hard to put together a good resume of how to describe the album. The production reminds me of Doom:VS 2008' album Dead Words Speak, it has that similar sort of muddy guitar sound with loads of beautiful keys in the background which creates the right vibe of the album. Songs are raging from more traditonal doom metal to a pure funeral doom. The band is hailing form Ukraine, a country which is not really known for doom bands, but it's more than great to see that they have promising acts there.

I love the mix between clean and growling vocals, that has always been something I've enjoyed in doom metal. Crushing, highly melodic, yet dark and deep, the band marches forward slowly and steady. They are building up one hell of a really nice energy around itself, like a wall of fragile and elegant sounds. With beautiful clean melodies and a clear idea where things are heading the band presents six tracks of pure crushing epic melancholic doom, and believe me if you are fan of gloomy doom that this is everything you could ever want from a doom metal album, really, this record is a pure pile of gold for all doom metal fans. The songs tend to stick to very typical slow doom tempo, but still there's more than enough going on that you would ever expect, for example the small fills and tom rolls, and not necessarily sticking to the traditonal doom metal structure, just listen for example to grandiose epic "On Another's Sorrow" to get an idea. Sometimes the sound reminds me slightly to early Katatonia or Hamferå, the guitar work is impressively tight and is leaving room for plenty of nice guitar harmonies and melodic lines, while the drums are slowly pounding and back up everything so nicely.

The more I listen to it the more I get dragged into the depths of this magic album, while the songs are fairly long, they offer just enough of diversity and I can almost want them to be even longer. It's harsh enough, and melodic yet stunningly beautiful! Even if this is their first album, Sorrowful Land will clearly left a mark in the scene for sure with this stunning release.

Rating: 10/10

Friday, 25 November 2016

Swedish In Reverence unleash their first glimpse from their new album The Selected Breed, in a single lyric video form truly amazing, the track entitled Prometheus

Swedish In Reverence unleash their first glimpse from their new album The Selected Breed, in a single lyric video form truly amazing,
the track entitled Prometheus is a hard hitting furious bomb of death metal madness, crushing and epic,
In reverence clearly prooves to be a storng new name somethng you'd expect from Nuclear blast releases,  this is a track nobody can afford to miss,
moving forward like a tank,
mixed by Sverker Widegren also known from Diabolical,
and done beautiful works like Hyperions debut album,
there has not yet been any release date announced by but hopefully not to far away,


 First single from our upcoming debut album THE SELECTED BREED.
Full HD:
Listen here:
Buy it here:
Google play:
Recorded, mixed & Mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Austrian Blackend death titans Belphegor returns to Latin America This February

Austrian black metal veterans Belphegor returns to latin america this winter for selected live Rituals

Five live Rituals have been confirmed by Marcos/ Dark Dimension Produtora.

21.02.2017 - CO - Bogota - Rock History Bar
23.02.2017 - PE - Lima, C. C. Festiva
26.02.2017 - CHL - Santiago, Club Rock & Guitarras
27.02.2017 - ARG - Buenos Aires, The Roxy Live
28.02.2017 - BR - Sao Paulo, Manifesto Bar

Additional Latin America dates will be announced soon.

The band comments! 

Serpenth, bass devastator/ screams comments: "Hail! This time around, we will conquer Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first time. Always a pleasure to capture new territories, and it's been a while since we toured Peru and Chile."

BELPHEGOR look forward to reveling in Diabolical Death/ Black Metal with Latin American hordes on this 2017 Cremation Raid!

Official Instagram:

EU and worldwide: | North America:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

House of Metal Swedene Unleashes Anthrax, Gloryhammer, PAIN

Sweden's most prominent indoor festival unleashed this line up today!
one cannot do anything but feel joy about this amazing line up, and more bands are on its way!

House of Metal is very proud to present five new bands for the 11th edition of the festival held during 3-4 March 2017.

American thrash metal veterans Anthrax doesn't perhaps require a long introduction. But for the uninitiated, the band was formed in 1981 and is considered to belong to the "Big Four of Thrash" along with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. The band has during their career released no less than 11 full-length album with classic titles such as "Fistful of Metal", "Spreading the Disease", "Persistence of Time" and the album "Among the Living" that will be performed in its entirety as a part of its 30th anniversary at next years festival. 

The symphonic power metal band Gloryhammer was founded in 2010 by Christopher Bowes also known as the singer/keyboardist in Alestorm. The band has since its inception released two albums, played at many of Europe's major festivals and toured with bands like Stratovarius and Blind Guardian. Early next year, the band is scheduled to hit the the road together with Hammerfall, but also to do a gig at House of Metal in March. 

The Raven Age is a melodic heavy metal band from England founded in 2009 by Dan Wright and George Harris (son of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris). The band released their debut EP in 2014 and has during 2016 traveled around the world as a part of Iron Maiden's "The Book of Souls World Tour". The band's debut album "Darkness Will Rise" is scheduled for a release in December 2016. 

PAIN (Swe) 
Swedish industrial metal band Pain, fronted by Peter Tägtgren, are no newcomers in the House of Metal context. But with next year's festival it's been 10 years since the band visited the festival's first edition, so it's about time to once again welcome the band to the festival. Pain are currently outon the roads with their new album "Coming Home" that continues to deliver bombastic industrial metal in the same vein as the band's previous works. 

WOLF (Swe) 
Swedish band Wolf has since their self-titled debut album delivered classic heavy metal-tunes. Their latest album "Devil Seed" is no exception, but rather continues to deliver uncompromising heavy metal that should appeal to both older and younger fans of the genre. 

Website –

Asphyx (Nl), Krisiun (Bra), Dark Tranquillity (Swe), Vintersorg (Swe), Ereb Altor (Swe)

Follow us on Instagram @houseofmetalfestival

2-days – 700 SEK + service fee
1-day – 380 SEK + service fee

Horns high \m/ \m/ #HoM2017

// HoM Crew

Sunday, 13 November 2016


From the Us grounds here to stay are White empress new and reformed like never before,
and the sound and feeling is just splendid,
many know Paul allender from his old endeavours  but this is nothing like it,
this is pure cinamatic mastery  in the old horror genre.
Take yourself back to the year of witchcraft and mystery.
the days of Alex witchfinder when witch hunt was the one thing on everyone's mind on All hollows EVE,
never quite before have been so blown away by a concept so great and a vision so strong. This is indeed quite something to be looking forward to,
Be sure to sig up to their fanbridge and don't miss out on all updates!
and teasers from the band!
Take the old Hammer films and put in old Cradle from 2004 and strip away the vocals, and there you go a track full of pure essence of what White Empress is , horror audio book. 
In order to really understand the new concept one must look at the lyrics

White Empress is
Paul Allender Guitars - Jeremy Kohnmann Bass - Chela Harper Drums - Adam Sagan Keys - Will Graney

And the imagery part of WHITE EMPRESS


Revenant is about a disgusting diabolical sexual act, a father's pain and hatred that goes beyond human comprehension, a loss of faith, demonic possession and a curse that will last an eternity.

Twas a soundless leaden eve where clouds draped oppressively
In forgotten fields of wistful history
There, my path from the light began
From one of fervent faith to one of bitter rivalry

Our journey starts from despairs of the soul, equated to no mortal sensation
More suitably sustained from lips prayed, in pious desperation

My vengeance was ripe among sacred stars
And holy sacraments cast down to sicken all, fashioned from the words of faith
My pestilent dominion poured forth, and rots the earth

Bonfires, infernal towers craving corpses
Pyre dead and torrid, a writhing anathema
And by holy hand, in forsaking my humanity

Kindled flesh of the damned
We chant this verses to bind their souls…

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Bring forth the power from below

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Exalted words uttered from the nether

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
By scornful heavens, it is done!

The twelfth hour chimed upon moonlit night as embers kissed the cold
Where crimes befit the punishment, as shrieking choirs gather
And much like the hour death was kept in contempt’s bitter ledger

A ghostly presence comes to claim the sinful mortals
From halls of bone gray smiles

Turning dreams to haunted afterthought
Like the buried stench of decay will rise
When inverted crosses pointed northward

But I recall that dreadful eve…
Within my stately manor trespassed two sons of jealousy
And forced naked austere flesh of my daughters so adored
Raped and ravaged to death their frail forms

And upon this discovery, grace fell from our once great house, as Stygian pacts were formed
For I knew not was possessed me but from there, morbid shadows grew

Enshrouded in curses pouring fourth from the all things, as the festering wound

My power grew to inhuman meaning
And invoked genocide rites from tongues still seething
As we herald the plague through the centuries
An ever reaching death-brand on all their progenies

The unearthed bones cannot be interred

A curse upon their house spoken in dead speeches

Shall their lustful deeds reign unjudged

Heretic spirits will come undone

Rise…Fulfill our pact

And take that which has been taken from me
She comes for you now, in ways no mortal eyes were meant to see
Hear the words as they echo in ethereal screams

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Bring forth the power from below

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Exalted words uttered from the nether

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
By scornful heavens, it is done!

A haze possess thee

When she comes to take you from farthest reaches

And this…
Your doom etched in prophecy

Your sacrificed you cannot escape

Farewell…descend to a place only the dead would know
Chosen son in perdition’s unity

These are the accounts and confessions scribed by dying light
For there but little time left before the white empress,
She who is death itself, comes to claim another
I am sorry my child, this is your fate…

You, who are bound to cancered aura
Entombed in the arms of a nameless horror
Weeping within the body no longer your own
Death throes in the abyss
And left to perish alone…

Shot at Hobbs Grove Halloween Haunt by Era Horrificus Films.

Please feel free to share as much as you can and sign up to our social gathering locations below.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Bulgerian Black metal act Lebenssucht unleash their new video for the track Beloved Depression from their EP Fucking My Knife.

Lebenssucht unleash their new video for the track Beloved Depression from their new EP   Fucking My Knife.

Lebenssucht is a releatively new band hailing from the corners of the world among Bulgaria and  Germany, reaching as far as  Belgium. earlier this year  they released their  debut EP entitteld  Fucking My Knife, and now news of a new video has spread across to the cold swedish land and we are glad to be able to help  to premiere an official video for the EP’s  track, “Beloved Depression“.

The song is hard to put to words as to what is given,
so much emotions and feelings in one.
I can't help but feel that the video really beautifully presents the nordic climate at the moment, the dark grim and erie feel.
The video is shot entierely in black and white leaving you almost wondering if its an old horror movie. While the members are no newcomers in the scene its quite clear that the mission is indeed to unleash those dark drary feelings inside oursleves that so long awaits to be unleashed.
almost like a cleansing the video provides a perfect story of melancholy, despair and hatred, the video imagery reminds me of bands such as Lifeover,Psychonaut 4, and even perhaps mostly resembling SILENCER's classic video Sterele Silencer - Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels, 

this is probobly the darkest black metal record ive heard since the early days of Lifelover,shining.

A truly majestic song!"

Check out the ep below!


External Links

The band consists of

S Caedes - lead vocals
 Déhà - guitars, bass, vocals
 Ahephaïm - drums, vocals 
 Exil - live guitars, backing vocals 
                                                                              Abstrusus - live guitars, backing vocals

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Swedish band VANHELGA presents their new video Utan mening from their new album Ode & Elegy Streaming over @NORDIC METAL

Swedish band VANHELGA presents their new video Utan mening from their new album Ode & Elegy out via Talheim Records , Vanhelga is one of those bands that you just know its gonna be something unique ever since their album Längtan the band has grown increasingly in the eyes of the underground scene!, perhaps best known for their unique musical sound...Nordic Metal is pleased to be able to take part of the streaming of their new video!
Watch the Video below! 

Sweden's VANHELGA, whose music falls between Black Metal and DSBM, and who use deceptively melodic pieces to create disturbing scenarios, describe "Ode & Elegy" and being an album in two parts: " Ode" or "Old Diary Entries" is about the deteriorating mental state of a young woman, slipping further and further into depression and darkness. Her recorded voice is intertwined with the music. "Elegy" is the continuation. It's about looking back and reflecting on those dark situations in life: the hopelessness, drugs, abuse, depression and death. In summary, to understand and accept that life is without meaning".
Artwork for "Ode & Elegy" is by Gedeminas Kiauné of Manum Diaboli Art and the whole album can be heard on Bandcamp at

Artwork for Ode & Elegy is by Gedeminas Kiauné of Manum Diaboli Art and the whole album can be heard on Bandcamp.


 as follows:

01. Utan Mening
02. Det Som Aldrig Fans
03. Förstörd
04. Du Finns Dȃr För Mig
05. Jag Återkommer
06. Abstinensens Dystra Tongång
07. Dödförklarad - Ånstad
08. Disharmoni
09. Status - Handlinsförlamad
10. Harmonisk Reflektion
11. Introspektion

VANHELGA is currently lining up a series of shows in support of "Ode & Elegy". So far, the following have been scheduled.

25 Nov: November's Doom Festival, Live & Loud, Sofia, Bulgaria
02 Dec: St Petersburg, Russia (with Psychonaut 4

03 Dec: Moscow, Russia (with Psychonaut 4)
04 Dec: Minsk, Belarus (with Psychonaut 4)
201706 Jan: United We Stand Festival, Graz, Austria
07 Jan: Verona Nera Atto X, San Giovanni Lupatoto, Italy

More information about VANHELGA can be found on the band's Facebook page at
The official video for the track " Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig ", from VANHELGA's 2014 full-length album " Längtan ", can be seen at