Tuesday, 8 May 2012

INSIDIOUS Decrepancy / Viral Load news

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yes as you can read! Insidious is working on new songs!
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Friday, 4 May 2012

 For Those who are more into the darker kind music check out Solacide
Finnish Progressiv Black metal

More can found on these links a intervew with them are coming the week! so Stay Tuned!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Interview with Nachtgarm (Negator, Dark Funeral, King Fear)

Hello, hope all is well?
First I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

1 What's happening in your life music wise? I heard that you recently returned from tour with Dark Funeral at Kings of black metal, how was the show?
Hi! The gig at the Kings of Black Metal was great. Even though the organization was a little uncontrolled, we had a lot of fun.

2 In addition to playing in your band Negator you are also a member of sanguineus and King fear can you tell us about those bands?

Sanguineus was originally formed as under the banner of MARBAS in 1996. Later we changed the name to SANGUINEUS. It was and still is my first band which had public success. In 2001 we released our first record called”Bloodstained”. Due to personal reasons we split-up in 2004. Now, almost 8 years later, I reformed the band to record the second CD. All the songs we’ve written back in the days and never have been recorded are far too important to not record them and to let them die in oblivion.
King Fear is a project which was founded by Mål Dæth in 2011. He asked me if I want to do the vocals and after I had heard what he has written, I was in for it! On the 25th of May our first EP will be unleashed on Mankind!

3 How does it feel to play in Dark Funeral one of the greatest black metal bands in the world

It feels great. Sometimes I have those moments where I cannot really believe, that I’m a part of this band. I grew up listening to them and now I’m a part of them. It is a dream coming true!
4 If you could tour with any band you haven't who would it be?
Pantera! (R.I.P. Dimebag)
5 Aside from touring what are you hobbies apart from music?

Well... I have a lot of things to keep me busy but I would say cooking is one of my favorites. Especially for friends or beloved ones. Besides that I’m really into gaming (PS3, XBOX) and I love to go out to the beach or just chill wherever I can.
6 Do you find it difficult to Rehears with the bands because you are spread out when example dark funeral live in Sweden and you live in Germany
Not at all. We are all professional musicians and because of that it just works. Of course we rehears here and then, but mainly I learn the songs on my own, while the band is rehearsing in Sweden. I know my stuff, they know their stuff. We meet, we play, we kick ass. Perfect!

7 What is currently up in Negator? Any new album on the way
Yes! That’s why it is so quite at the moment. We’re focusing on the new record which will be one big step forward for us personally and music-wise. On the 10th of December we’ll enter the Studio once again. I can’t wait to unleash this beast. 
8 What is your favorite song to play live with Negator?
There are a few songs I really love to play live, but to pick my top 3 I would say:”Alte Werte”,”Eisen wider Siechtum” and”Gloomy Sunday”

9 Do you ever listen or take into account to what the fans are saying about the bands and to what degree does that response influence you
Of course I do. I always try to read every comment, mail or whatsoever; we are getting from our fans, regardless of which band is involved. It’s not easy to keep up with everyone and every opinion, but for example I always go into the crowd after or before a concert to talk to know how they felt with my/our performance. I like constructive criticism and I think it is really important to listen to the fans. Of course you have a few haters everywhere, but those keep me even more trying!

Thank you Nachtgarm for taking the time do this intervew

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Netherbird Line up Changes

Rumours about a line-up change has reached us through various sources so we thought it might be good to deliver the news ourselves rather than through the haze of whispers.

On the official website we stated back in the day when Netherbird was still a studio project that ”The cast will change but the theatre of Netherbird will remain”. Those words were true when written, and they still are relevant today.

As most of you have noticed Netherbird have made two tours during the early part of 2012 and that we brought session members to fill the bass slot on both of these and a session drummer stepped in for our 10 gig-tour through out Europe. That also means that two of our line-up members for various reasons were unable to join us on these tours.

Netherbird is not about money, it is not a job and thus you can never be fired from the band. Netherbird is about passion and dedication to our music, our listeners and what we stand for. Times change and with it changes the situation for the people involved in the band. And we have now come to a point where Netherbird demands more time and effort than ever before with more gigs and more recordings and that makes it impossible for some members to be able to give what this bands requires. It has nothing to do with musical direction, lack of dedication or other bullshit reasons usually stated when bands go through line-up changes, it has just to do with the amount of time and energy people can muster at a certain point in time. And at this point we have sadly parted ways with both Tobias Gustafsson on bass and Erik Röjås on drums. They have both invested so much time and energy into Netherbird and for that we are eternally grateful, but now we will go on working with some new people for the coming recordings and gigs/tours. Both Tobias and Erik remain close to us and will always have our support in each and every way we can provide it. Friendship does not begin nor does it end with being listed in a line-up for a band, at least not when it comes to Netherbird.

So with these words we thank them both for the time that has been and we look forward to the amazing things they will both create in the future in the metal community and beyond.

As for Netherbird we have now a new bassist and a new drummer and we are working on the tunes for our third and upcoming EP entitled “Funerals in Twilight”. We aim to have that recorded before the summer and it will be released sometime later. We will premiere the new line-up at our upcoming gig in Stockholm on June 2nd .
Our journey has just begun!
//Nephente, Bizmark and Nord

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Interview with The Sanity Decadence (Umeå) swe

Interview with Max Tommy and Anton From The Sanity Decadence

1 Could you tell us a bit about the band! the history behind the band

Max: Well, I saw this add – Vocalist needed – so I dropped an e-mail to the guy that had posted it. His name was Eric. I talked to him back and forth for a while and asked if it was screamed vocals / growls they were after and sent him an old song with a band I did guest-vocals for and was asked to come to an audition. Eric asked me if I knew the song Forever by As I Lay Dying, and I said yeah, of course. I didn’t, so I used to have it looped in Spotify for like a week and then I went to the audition. We did Forever a couple of times and I improvised lyrics for Behind the lies. I left and got a text a couple of minutes later which said “You’re in. Can you buy us booze?”. Eric had told me that they were about 18 years old, but no one was that old. He also told me that they had an earlier vocalist who they’d sack, but that was a lie too! I believed that until like a couple of months ago!
Tommy: He was actually this third guitarist that stole a bunch of songs from other bands and presented them as his own.
Max: The band was then Tommy and Anton on the guitars, Oliver on drums and Eric played bass. I wrote lyrics for Behind the lies pretty quick and we recorded it like two weeks after I joined. It was sick. The vocals on that demo is really sloppy and I’m singing the wrong words and everything. It’s really horrible, but some people digged it and we rehearsed a couple of more songs so we had enough songs to play our first show. We played the four songs we had, the As I Lay Dying-cover, an abridged version of DIO’s Holy Diver and then we did Napalm Death’s You Suffer.

Eric then quit the band and started to rap or something. Went from 5-string axeman in a melodic death metal band to rapper. He still owes me money for rent! So we recruited Mandy as our new bassplayer, recorded a couple of demos and try to play as much as possible live. We felt that Oliver didn’t want to continue playing with us and it put us in a sore spot at some times. We had shows booked but no drummer. Luckily Wille from Folkmord helped us out. Oliver quit, rejoined and quit again. So, on our last show that summer I did a shout-out to all drummers in the crowd to come talk to us if they were interested in joining. We had a couple of guys interested. One is now the vocalist in another Umeå-band. One is the drummer in Extrakt, an Umeå thrashband. No one worked out. Daniel used to do the lightshows at a local venue and he asked to come audition. He fit perfectly in the band so we snatched him before anyone else could. Best decision we made!

When we didn’t have a drummer we’d started to do pre-prods of some songs. We were set on releasing an EP when we had a full band again. So when Daniel was onboard we took that up again and here we are.

2 What is currently happening in the band
Max: We have at least one show booked in May. Celebrating our third year playing the same venue where it all started. Then we have our EP, All The World’s A Stage coming out too, as soon as it’s mixed. Shouldn’t take too long, hopefully. We’re working with Max Malmer from Zonaria and Folkmord, he’s been recording our shit since day one. After that I guess we’ll continue our missing to destroy the world.

3 If you could play with any band you haven't who would it be and why ?
Max: That is a very hard question. I’d love to play alongside Iron Maiden. How cool wouldn’t that be? They are and will forever be the greatest. More realistic? Probably BatAAr or Adept.
Tommy: Architecs, I like them and they’re a great source of inspiration musically.
Anton: In Flames, on a huge fucking stage. Just to get to play on a huge fucking stage.

4 Aside from music what are you hobbys apart from music ?
Max: Writing, reading, film. I’m a literature-teacher. I love ice hockey too.
Tommy: Dunno, video-games? X-box! MineCraft! I don’t really do anything. I eat crisps.
Anton: I don’t know, drinking coke.

5  Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics / music
Max: All my lyrics are real life situations cloaked in references to literature and stuff like that. I love watching Star Trek, Now The Nerds Get All The Girls is kind of a tribute to being a nerd and proud of it.
Tommy: Architecs…
Anton: In Fla…, no, first Iron Maiden! Then In Flames and maybe As I Lay Dying

6 Are you planing on releaseing any new material soon?
Max: Yeah, All The World’s A Stage EP will be out soon. After that we’ll probably write, rehearse and play live for a while before we record anything new.

7  How often do you  practice together ?
Max: Maximum four hours a week. But we are children of the computer age! If Tommy or Anton comes up with something they can record it and send it to everyone. We use Facebook a lot.
Tommy: Once a month?
Anton: We haven’t been everyone on a rehearsal for ages…

8 Do you like any new bands in the metal scene ?
Max: Probably not. I love this band called BatAAr from Gothenburg. We’re close friends and they’re great. Eburnia is another band from Gothenburg I really like.
Tommy: I don’t know, I don’t really listen to new bands. I have like a couple of bands I listen to. I don’t look for new music, everything sounds the same anyways
Anton: No.

9 what can fans expect from All The World is a Stage?

Max: Guitars, bass, drums and anxiety-attacks mixed and cooked into a tasty pie.
Tommy: Heavy breakdowns and funny melodies, like the end of Now The Nerds, duh duh dududu duh duh duh!
Anton: Melody? I don’t know. What did you say Max? Let’s go with breakdowns.

Any last words to your fans and friends ?
Max: Hi mom!
Tommy: Do we even have fans?

Anton: I need to go buy a coke. 

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