Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Century Media Records Re 3 more releases of Dark funeral

Dark Funeral Century Media records re releasing Attera Totus Sanctus,Diabolis Interium 

Century Media We'll re-release three more classic Dark Funeral albums on November 25th! Pre-order them now at CM Distro Europehttp://smarturl.it/darkfuneralcmd

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cradle of filth and Behemoth to embark on European tour 2014

BEHEMOTH and CRADLE OF FILTH – spreading infernal darkness across Europe on their double-headlining tour!

Looks like February will be bedazzled by a rather black sun: British dark / black metal fan faves CRADLE OF FILTH will embark on a 19-date European co-headlining tour with Polish death / black metal legends BEHEMOTH!!!

BEHEMOTH might have been a classic black metal act in their early days (circa “Sventevith” 1995), but the priorities of mastermind Nergal shifted quickly: the following years saw the band opt for a death metal approach, and progressive / experimental influences turned BEHEMOTH into a multi-faceted and unique beast on albums such as “Zos Kia Cultus” (2002)! After the landmark release of “Evangelion” (2009), Nergal had to face leukemia – and battled this severe disease successfully! They`ll release “The Satanist” in 2014 and you can look forward to pitch-black shows pairing avant-garde spirit with the atmosphere of a black mass!!!

Nergal comments:

"We are immensely proud to start promotion of "THE SATANIST" on the release date of the album in such a noble company. It's been a while since we toured Europe for the last time… The wolf pack grew stronger and hungrier and with new opus and stage production we have so much more to offer. This European crusade will be the catalyst of 2 years long tour so keep your eyes open!"

Transferring gothic horror from screen to record – a specialty of Grammy-nominated British veterans CRADLE OF FILTH! Cult albums like “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” proved in the 90s that authentic black metal doesn`t necessarily have to come from Norway. Nowadays the band incorporates dark and death metal elements too, and recently Dani Filth made his “Fairytales for adults” come true on “The Manticore and Other Horrors” in 2012. This headlining tour will mark the 20th anniversary of "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh“, so prepare for some true Supreme Vampyric Evil courtesy of one of the biggest names in extreme metal.

Vokillist Dani Filth comments:

"We are very much looking forward to touring with Behemoth et al, as I think the combined line-up for these momentous shows is definitely very killer. Prepare for some riotous shows immersed in such esteemed dark company, as Cradle traverses an Old Skool tour programme set against a viscerally visual backdrop of nocturnal metal supremacy. In other words, be there or be squared. Pinhead-style!"

Swedes IN SOLITUDE are often called „the better Mercyful Fate“ – let`s not be blasphemous, but it`s still astonishing how hit-laden and gripping their mix of 80s metal spirit and unholy atmosphere sounds ever since their self-titled debut in 2008! The Uppsala-based act and Metal Blade recording artist is currently thrilling press and fans alike with its third effort “Sister” which taps into classic heavy metal vibes while remaining wholly original. The sonic experience is captivating and visceral and it belongs entirely to IN SOLITUDE! The album will surely top the media's "Best Albums of the Year" lists worldwide.

Founded in Colombia in the late 80s, duo INQUISITION soon left for the United States to worship at the altar of truly satanic black metal! Their brand new album is called “Obscure verses for the multiverse”: on it, these veterans are forging catchy riffing with pure aggression, destructive atmosphere and blasphemous lyrics to a classy amalgamut giving acts such as Immortal a run for their money.

This reign of darkness will be opened by SVARTTJERN – the Oslo-based combo is wading knee-deep in misanthropy and true Norwegian black metal on albums such as “Towards the ultimate” and brings back fond memories of the early 90s!!! The third SVARTTJERN album “Ultimatum necrophilia” will be released on February 7th, 2014 and is a must have for all fans of pure northern hatred!

Get your tickets for this brilliantly unholy line-up atwww.hardticket.eu

Cradle of Filth
In Solitude

07.02.2014 DE – Munich, Backstage
08.02.2014 DE – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
09.02.2014 NL – Amsterdam, Melkweg
10.02.2014 UK – London, Forum
11.02.2014 FR – Paris, Bataclan
13.02.2014 CH – Pratteln, Z7
14.02.2014 DE – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
15.02.2014 DE – Bochum, Matrix
16.02.2014 BE – Antwerp, Trix
18.02.2014 NL – Tilburg, O13
19.02.2014 LU – Luxembourg, Atelier
21.02.2014 AT – Wien, Gasometer
22.02.2014 DE – Chemnitz, Südbahnhof
24.02.2014 SE – Gothenburg, Traedgarn
25.02.2014 SE – Stockholm, Tyrol
26.02.2014 DK – Copenhagen, Amager Bio
27.02.2014 DK – Aarhus, Voxhall
28.02.2014 DE – Hamburg, Grünspan
01.03.2014 DE – Berlin, Postbahnhof


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thy Light No Morrow Shall dawn! "A album that gives me chills from start to finnish"

Thy Light No Morrow Shall dawn! 
"A album that gives me chills from start to finnish" 

Alright I am not sure where I should start I have been a huge Thy Light fan ever since I heard their first demo suici de pression , years later they are back with No Morrow shall dawn, I never thought I'd be more happy and tensed for dsbm band to give another demo that was so amazing like this one!,
as the story unfolds, we are meet my the classic piano that truly gives you almost shivers down your spine, the classic piano intro that Thy Light kinda is alone on! I still feel a lot familiar as if it was left out on their first demo, even if the production is much more clear! it still brings us that raw dark old piano that has been standing in your basement forever just being dusted off and ready to be used!,

alone man sitting in the dark cellar basement figuring out his anxiety and frustration through the classic music piece , like Beethoven if he was still alive yes I dare to compare the dark melancholic keys gives me a feeling of that this is something truly beyond  and truly majestic that is going to be unfolded for our ears!. Suici.De.spair  is slowly fades away , and we open up the next chapter that takes us into his world of darkness and despair, like a story that yet has been solved, friendly melodic classical guitars are brightly but gently holding us on the edge almost as if we are supposed to not walk to close to the man standing on the chair just waiting to jump!. there are much mixed feelings inside the air once the tracks completely unfolds, what is going on ! its like you hear the thoughts inside his head just grinding over and over, the endless struggle, I can sense his bitterness and frustration coming out... almost like cold gaze that has just swept across the land, indeed troubled by something. I fear what is coming and what is just lurking behind the door, screams of suffering are more than overwhelming of this judgemental book, 

as things go quit I stand on my guard just waiting to be ready! as I slowly wanders through the hallway! where the photos of him used to hang!... left with nothing but a blank memory...

Slowly but steady I move forward to find the voice that has been lurking inside these walls, strong sharp notes of a guitar can still be hard of him, on the old classic guitar that used to be his best friend.. Now all i hear is the dark sad tunes on , played over and over as if he was still around! I can't put words on what I felt or feel, but there was something left untold,

his anger and hate still lingers on inside these old basement walls his bed undone, sheets laying above, 
the sounds of vivaldis strings can still be heard!,
as I walk into his old bedroom, I find the note layin on the bed!
neatly folded next to his school uniform,
above the bed is the beautiful photo of him standing next to the majestic golden gate bridge! 
I find my self in world of confusion as I open up what is to be his last words, nicely written on a blank piece of paper! .... I try to understand at the same time I know what has happened...

I find myself between life and death starring into the cold void, surrounded by white clouds, 
looking out of barriers of life, just waiting, for that moment.

slowly I move towards the railing , looking everywhere back forth, leaning over the fence embracing the cold air that softly touches my skin, and wipes away my tears,
dark as the days when I stood between life and death , just waiting for the soft breeze to take me away,
a string of illness and stomach ache passes through my body as I slowly climb up the railing. 
starring out of the blue sky I see people behind looking... not as if they were chocked but as if they were confused on whether or not this was really happening...
I close my eyes and slowly let the wind carry me away to other lands,
and thats how the story has been told of how No Morrow Shall Dawn....

Dedicated to my friend Paolo Bruno and Alex Witchfinder of Thy Light!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Nocturnal Nightmare

Nocturnal Nightmare
shirts have arrived!
order them at out big cartel we are running low on Black XL

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Iam proud to announce that I from now on offically working together with my good partner Dipsomaniac Records together we shall handle releases and support good and upcoming bands! 
also we will be able to expand our horizons! as well as promoting and reach further! 
Hail to the black Lion!!! 
and dipsomaniac records! for info coming!!!


Band of today! Veligore (Black metal from Us)

This is the full debut album from New york Black Metal band Veligore. This band has only been in existence for a very short time about a year and this is their first recorded they made. It’s a good neat package, even if its being self-released, it has a cool underground vibe to it!

if your into black metal with a bit of darker and more heavy edge check our veligore I personally really enjoy this type of raw black metal then you will like Veligore...
The first track Gloomy winter, opens up strong and powerful like a gloomy day.
it fast tremolo picking and distorted guitars reminds me of early Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger ,
even the vocals are very good and very raw.. this is some interesting stuff I manged to locate,
As I open up the second track we are blasted away by fast guitar melodies and strong pounding drums... The sound still remains a bit raw yet its very comfortable.
its still continues to sound like something from the early 90's Norwegian Black metal scene!  
as I descend into the black river we are meet by chanting voices, a interesting start! 
you've got my attention, the bass and drums do a good job to build tension, as the guitars kicks in! and there we are again! the classic tremolo picking.

the bass can sometimes feel to high compared to other but it doesn't matter! 
still sounds good!
but still proceeding into the third track werewolves dungeon 
its interesting what a sweet energi the song creates fast and primal... 
over this full album has its charm! indeed
if you like old school black metal check out Veligore..

Official site: http://veligore.com/

ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/veligore

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Veligore

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

while you're still awake do check out this really old school band from sweden! Svartkonst Support the underground!! keep the spirit alive!!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Terminally Fucked Up - Hollow Phobs

Terminally Fucked Up
Hollow Phobos

Band Hollow Phobs
Genre  Ambient
Location Uk
Label  Dipsomaniac Records 

First of let me start by stating that I have never been a huge Ambient music fan , but this is really something out of the ordinary
Right time for another review this time its a bit different as this band does marily consist of the presence created by the band !, sounds that can only be described as good as the band , its sounds decaying and raw, as some would say, a bit like a ghost or maybe taken straight out from a horror movie!
it gives you nice little chills down your spine while picturing this as the last things going through your head....

A lot comes to my mind as I am descending into the depths of coldness and confusion,
this band knows how to create a spiritual presence,  Hollow phobs is based in Uk England,
this could easily be  score for a upcoming horror film,
as I pass by each track it creates a certain feeling that reminds me of the movie The Shining,
my curiosity is at its top to find out what is lurking behind that corner !
the well made songs really places you inside a total dark scenery!
this is a 6 track ep quite long for a ep for some but its a really good mix of suicidal dark ambient music,
It could use some vocals and maybe guitar to back up some songs but overall its a good and quite a nasty ep filled with minutes of utter chillz, might as well be me thinking that I am lost in a abandoned mental hospital ,
while the songs also could be very good music for Pc games, like Amnesia or Slender some of 2012-2013's newest highlights! I recommend you to check out and download the ep !
we give it  7/10 for the bone chilling songs!

keep up the good work!