Wednesday, 15 August 2012

While your here give my friends band Festering Remains a like!
¨music is on the way from them! they are very young being a death metal duo ! 2 people
guitar vocals
belive me when I say this is gonna be the sickest shit since Putrid Piles Blood fetish!

I know this band is gonna kill I used to play with them earlier^^ great fucking guys of morbid slam, no serious you just wait for their shit give them your support for all slam death metal lovers...

they are currently waiting for their drumtrack but as soon as they are done witht drums and all the sickest ep of the year entitled
 Stabbed  beyond all recognition

We're still waiting for artwork and drum programming to be done for the upcoming EP, encountering delays like this really sucks. We apoligize for the delay of the debut EP but as soon as we've recieved the artwork and the drum programming we're heading right into the studio to record! /Tim

More info will come once there is more to write!

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