Friday, 14 September 2012

New Cradle of filth song online 'For Your Vulgar Delectation'

CRADLE OF FILTH  2012 new song update online

guess I was a bit unsure what to say about this first track
But they surely prove they make something different it does feel like a a track from Thornography
With a bit more punk riff vibe from First two albums,
But overall it’s a strong guitar line kind has more of a black metal vibe to it than gothic, could be either way. But I am going to keep my hopes for another killer track this track proves that Cradle knows what they do and that they are from England.
I really liked some riffs and the guitar solo was really epic I wasn’t expecting that from Them!
Sounds like more maiden feel so that’s cool,

I know a lot of people thinks its sounds the same but it clearly dosen’t it do however have the same melody as Thornography , but with the more old punk vibe riffs and more harmonies , So I think it’s a song that speaks for itself really I hope the album will be as awesome as it sound!

Anyway feel free to give your own thoughts about this song!

Dani Filth Vocals

Paul Allender Guitars

Marthus Martin Skaroupka Drums and Orchestration

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