Monday, 15 October 2012

Nuclear blast youtube war

Recently a lot of people have gotten their youtube accounts taken down! or marked cause of a so called review video that is where you speak about your album that you maybe recently bought or liked? 
and you know what the label do to thank you they report you to youtube how stupid is that??
fans do this and put a lot of time into making these videos to support their bands! but NB just takes it down!
and report it!
here is a note from a youtube user! what he wrote to NB

I seriously can't believe that you're going out on Youtube and taking down reviews of albums released by your bands. The reviewers that has gotten their videos removed have also recieved strikes on their accounts. Three strikes and their channels are gone. These people doesn't do anything but supporting your label and the bands. You are taking a shit on the people that support your label, how stupid is that? 

The reviewers try to make people buy the albums from you, but just talking about the albums makes you think you can go ahead and put copyright claims on them?

I no longer support your label, but i support the great bands signed to your label. But you, you are complete douchebags.

Realize this, and change, you are backstabbing your supporters.

Most sincerely / T.M.S
And also a video has been made! so fallow the WAR

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