Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sick Artwork 2012 Nov Mark Riddick

Here is number III of the Sick Artwork photos that is just recently picked art from various artists no profit I wan't only thing I do is to promote the artist and speak my mind!

First up the famous Mark riddick  RIDDICKART 
Most of his artwork can be bought
A master piece! indeed 

Lets have a look inside this monster!

The book feat artwork from Art from  1991-2011 and 
can be bought at Doomentia Press / Doomentia Records

Mark Riddick is a name that don't need any long introduction 
(Following fact is taken from his official website)

A fanatic of heavy metal music since 1986, Mark Riddick launched his career as a freelance artist in 1991 when he began illustrating demo cassette covers, 7” EP record covers, and filler artwork for cut & paste underground death metal fanzines, bands, and record labels. By the mid-90s Riddick had gained credibility as the ‘go-to’ artist for underground extreme metal bands in the United States and overseas. In 1998, Riddick earned his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Greensboro College in North Carolina. Since finishing college, Riddick has pursued his freelance career by continuing to illustrate for underground metal bands and mainstream metal bands alike. His grotesque talent has also been solicited by other media outlets such as the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s notorious television series, “Metalocalypse,” the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” series, and NBC’s “Law & Order” series. Some of Riddick’s most visible illustrations for the metal scene have appeared on merchandise for such bands as ABORTED, ARSIS, AUTOPSY, COFFINS, DEMONICAL, (Mark Riddick)

Mark has done some killer art for all kinds of metal bands and magazines 
and has become known for his unique way of drawing
underground scene loves him he has done artwork for bands such as Teratism,Bone Gnawer
Bone Saw,Dying fetus, Warbringer to mention a few    

Here are some photos of his work to give an example even though I am sure you know this guy since way back I just love to show his awesome work!

Mind Blowing!!!
All photos are from google and used to promote nothing else...

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