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Fisherman's death (weekends band) Monday!

Who the hell are Fisherman's death ???

isherman's Death is a melodic death metal band from Umeå, the band's theme is sailor theme. The band was formed in 2009 by Thomas and Joakim Linqvist Häggström, who is now the only original members left in the band. Since the band formed in 2009 they have released one album and two eps, Fisherman's death crew consists of Joakim Häggström Bass and vocals, Tomas Linqvist Lead Guitar, Nils Lofgren rythem guitar, Philip Lofgren Drums

Their first Album  entitled the Code  is all about what life on the sea is!
a album for all tastes , if you love strong melodic tremolo riffing  and insane blasting you will love Destined to sail  or if you like a more faster then I suggest you head to Davy Jones Locker! which also is the opening track with a good bpm over 200 they bring you something really unique  like a tale of stories of life at sea,

if your into Melodic death metal or even folk metal, you will really enjoy this album
they are a band that knows how incorporate many styles in one song,
you got the classic maiden feel to some songs while other really brings you back at sea with Alestorm feel  like Among the shore or tittle track The Code.
be sure that Fisherman's death won't leave you disappointed.
 The Code is a strong album that I think stands out from a lot of bands.

After a few gigs in local places and smaller attention in media the band was quit for over a year!
but that was because they were looking for new members to complete what was going to be a new fresh start and a new line up more solid.  After a few month's refreshing them self  and working hard in their rehearsal place they presented new songs which was really mind blowing!, Their new was entitled Uncharted Waters and the cover art features similar scene from the 4th installment of the Pirates of Caribbean movies, 
very fitting indeed.

2012 Line up
Thomas Guitar Joakim bass,vox Filip Drums, Nils guitar

Cover art shown Below

After a few gigs here and there in Umeå the band got an offer for their EP 

from Serbian Grom/Tmina Records,

they stated Following!

TMINA Records/Grom Records stated:
“In our process of finding more new and authentic Metal forces for our TMINA Records journey we’ve discovered amazing young force from our lovely Swedish netherworld under that greatly strange name FISHERMAN’S DEATH. We were smashed by power of their sound, wide and open-mind ideas plus huge dose of originality and uniqueness they managed to create on their recording. Keep your eyes open as end of January will bring you brand new tales about FISHERMAN’S DEATH, straight from shores of cold Northern Sea!”

Fisherman's Death stated:
“FISHERMAN’S DEATH are happy to announce we have made a deal with starting with TMINA Records they will be releasing our promo Uncharted Waters,
it feels great to work with a label like TMINA Records that clearly understand our vision and our sound. TMINA Records are a label perfect for a band with a more unique theme that’s why we felt that this was a perfect match for this maid. We look forward to working with them and hope this will result in not only more gigs but more ways of getting our name and TMINA Records name out! FISHERMAN’S DEATH is a melodic death metal band with sailor theme which is not that common as why it feels great to have such good response from a label that knows its course!
Lets sail”

Summing up from 2012 this is where the band is today 2013
as of small delays the Ep will be out in February 2013 ,
also they are now a part of the local scene hence why I feel its important to show  our support!

Below are links to the band!

First out below are where you can listen,¨

First Ep from 2010 Among the shore

And last but not least The masterpiece THE CODE!

For More info Check back Every day for a new band of the week!
and Remember as a wise drummer once said,
All big bands started out as local bands, 
SO   . Support your local scene - Trey williams - Dying fetus

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