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Thomas (Hypocrisy) Östersund Living the Dream!! 2013

Thomas (Hypocrisy) Östersund Living the Dream!! 2013
taken from LT news. Swe paper.

Today, Monday, initiates death metal band Hypocrisy its world tour in Japan. Guitarist Tomas Elofsson, from Östersund, kill all the waiting time in airports with Yahtzee and Eurodisco.

Hypocrisy was formed in Ludvika 22 years ago. Members, except Tomas Elofsson, Peter Tägtgren (pictured), vocals and guitar, Mikael Hedlund, bass, and Reidar Horghagen, drums. The band has released 12 studio albums. In March, their 13th album, "End of disclosure".
Hypocrisy, by Peter Tägtgren at the helm, is one of the most successful death metal bands internationally and meets each year thousands of fans worldwide. Tomas Elofsson has been a member since 2009, but like the genre the band represents, he has been good at staying underground.

Perhaps he is, in fact, Music Östersund most Doldis?

- Maybe, but there's probably no reason to anoint his own ego in town, it makes others so much better, he says and moves slowly on the straw in her bright, latte, which is something of a contrast to the dark death metal outfit , pants with cargo pockets, hoodie and boots.

The hair is brushed back into a long ponytail that he really only emit during live shows. We meet at a restaurant in town because his apartment is a bit messy at the moment. Girlfriend from Stockholm is about to move in and cartons pile up.

Last Monday started Hypocrisy's extensive world tour, which this year will take them first to Japan and later across Europe, USA and South America. Actually, it was intended that the tour would start in Australia, but booker forgot to arrange visas to members so now pushed stop on the future. In March they release the new album "End of disclosure".

For Tomas Elofsson is all a dream come true.

- Wherever we put your feet down is the full house. That is exactly what I have struggled for 20 years to avoid paying for the lira and instead make money from it, he says.

It all started in Brunflo, where Thomas grew up in a musical family. As early as six years old, he took his first chords on Guran. Household gods were at that time was called at first Kiss and Twisted Sister.

- But in 1990, I went to a concert with the band Dismember at the Old Courthouse. I was 13 years old and just thought, "Now fuck should I start playing death metal!"

He and Tommy Dahlstrom, now evil singer in death metal band Aeon, started first band together. A year later, they just like their idols in the courtroom and played for about 50 people.

Today the audience below the stage far more than they were 20 years ago, but it has not been free to reach the limelight. Death Metal scene is described by many as rather elitist. Both the music and the bands themselves have high demands on the listener, and listeners respond to impose such strict requirements on the bands.

Tomas Elofsson makes no bones about the fact that he has sacrificed a lot for the arts.

- All that began in Hypocrisy has separated itself and it was also the first thing that happened to me. It is clear that I in retrospect can think of that I made a few that were not so good, but you have to get somewhere, we must not be squeamish. Then you have to walk your own path. Luckily my children begin to understand more what it's about now.

Between tours he jumps in and works in his father's bookstore, mostly because it's important to maintain some sort of reality. He also tries to strength training part. Tour Life requires a good foundation physics.

- It's definitely not as pretty as some people think. You must like to have it a little dirty and be able to live close up to other people. It always gets sick, I have played with 40 degree fever and upset stomach. You just have to bite the bullet.

- Actually, it's easier to tour by bus then you can always slip away and sleep somewhere. To sit in airports and just wait is exhausting. I came back from South America with gray hair. Still, I look forward to going away again, he says.

How do you pass the time in airports?

- We play Yahtzee! All sit and look down on their mobile phones.

Spending time in the band you privately as well?

- Yes, me and Peter (Tägtgren, reds. Note.) Make it sometimes. But then we never talk music but mostly about cooking. I'm sick cooking interested, most of the meat and potatoes.

Do you listen to death metal when you are home?

- No, I never listen to death metal, it gets so full of it. I listen fact most of Eurodisco, like Pandora or the E-Type. Actually reminds genre pretty much about death metal, that intense ... good music is good music, pure and simple.

Hypocrisy has no scheduled gig in Ostersund?

- No, because we are so big overseas is not Sweden priority for us. But we've actually been thinking about Ostersund this year and I really hope that there is sufficient time. It would be fun to play at home.

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