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INTERVIEW with Erik Karlsson (Riff master) In Festering Remains. (swe)

 INTERVIEW with   Erik Karlsson (Riff master) In Festering Remains. (swe)
By SatansRazorBlog 2013

1. Could you tell us a bit about the band the history behind it

It’s kind of a long story so I’ll try to keep it short!

We used to be a black metal band called Demonic Funeral started by me (Erik) and Oliver (Festering Remains’ ex-drummer.) After some time playing black metal we both realized that we wanted to play death metal and we needed a singer for the band. Oliver said he had some friends he could talk to and about a month later Tim joined the band. Oliver felt that death metal wasn’t really his thing so he left the band after about four months. Me and Tim continued to write material for the EP for 7 months or so and in October of 2012 we recorded it at Garageland studios in our hometown Umeå.   

2. Your EP Stabbed beyond all recognition has been out for a while now how do you think the response has been so far? Has it been as you expected?

I think most people liked it, which is awesome because we didn’t think that so many people would!

3. What is currently happening in the band?
We have recruited a new member: Kim on bass and I finished writing all the songs for the next EP a few days ago and we’ll enter the studio very soon! Keep an eye out on our page for further information.
4. What where some of your influences while writing the ep?
We were inspired by a lot of bands but the biggest influences were Gorgasm, Viral Load, Putrid Pile and Suffocation.

5. Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics / Music?
When Tim wrote the lyrics on the EP he was mainly inspired by horror movies and serial killers. The music was inspired by so many bands but as I said earlier the biggest influences were Gorgasm, Viral Load, Putrid Pile and Suffocation!  

6. Are you planning on releasing any new material soon?

See question 3! :P

7. How has people reacted due there not many young bands as you guys in this type of genre?

Many people are impressed that two 15 years olds can write and perform the music that we do. I don’t really think that it matters if the band members are young or old as long as the music is good. 

8. If you could tour with any band you haven’t who would it be and why?

I could make a list with like 500 bands we want to tour with haha! But the ones that would on the top on that list would probably be Dying Fetus, Putrid Pile, Suffocation, Viral Load, Vomitous and Cerebral Bore! 

9 I understand you guys are fans of the Wrong turn movies, what are your exceptions for the new WT 5? 

I’ve heard that it isn’t that good and none of us have seen it yet but our expectations are still very high because we loved the other ones so much. I mean, we wrote a song about them haha!

10 The name Festering Remains how did you guys come up with such a killer name?

We were all chatting together over the internet trying to come up with a good band name fitting for a death metal band (this was when we went from playing black metal to death metal) and after like 3 hours someone came up with Festering remains.

11. Your EP does not only future 3 awesome songs, but also a cover from Bloodsoaked how did that happened why that song?

We just wanted to cover a song on the EP so we started to search for songs we could cover. And there’s not really a reason we chose No god other than it’s a crushing song!  

12 Who is the creator behind your amazing logo?
The logo is made by Christopher Horst. He’s a really talented artist. Go check him out at

13 Any chances of a music video?

We haven’t talked about it that much but it would be really cool if we made one!

14. Where do you see yourself and the band in 10 years from now?

We have released at least two full-length albums and we’re still going strong. We have done a tour with at least one of the earlier mentioned bands and we have performed at a bigger festival such as Neurotic death fest or Obscene Extreme!

15. Do you like any new bands in the Death Metal scene?

I do like some bands. Not that many though. There are lots of shitty bands these days and the whole ‘’slam’’ thing has gone way out of control.

16. Any last words to your friends and fans?

Yeah, thanks for supporting us by buying our EP!  Merch will be printed very soon and a new EP is coming soon! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further information! Thanks again and keep it real! Cheers!

Check out them out!!

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