Monday, 13 May 2013

Band of the week 2013 (Plector)

Band of the week is back nothing fancy just a lot of talk around a certain band I personally enjoy!
which is Plector a Death metal band from North of sweden,
they used to be very active but disbanded in 2012 I think,
however the band was very folkish and very active during the early years!
and very well loved for its amazing beer folksy sound!

here are some reasons why I loved Plector

1 Amazing music
2 always a good show they went really crazy on stage,
3 always made awsome small home videos

and a million reasons really but here are some really cool videos for you to check out!

Creds to the photograph

Also check out their new albums
Dark and Spiteful  2010August 1, 2012

Also a new video of their new album

And below are some crazy live footage

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