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Solacide interview 2012

1 Could you tell us abit about the band! the history behind it

Gökhan: The band was founded under the name Dim Moonlight by Kimmo and Masa in 1996. The band released two demos and had several line up changes during the years. They decided to change the name of the band to Solacide in 2004. Bass guitarist Sami and other guitarist Joonas joined the band in 2005 and they recorded “Waves of Hate” demo during November-December 2005. I moved to Finland around 2008-April and I joined the band. We recorded “Baptized in Disgust” EP a few weeks after I joined Solacide. Kimmo was planning to do the vocals as he did on previous recordings if I would not have joined the band. We released the “Baptized in Disgust” EP around February 2009. That’s shortly how it is.

2 What is currently happening in the band

Kimmo: At the moment we are doing pre-productions of the new songs. We usually do demo versions of all the songs before we go do a proper studio recording of them. After the songs are finished, we will start planning the recording of the full-length album. Otherwise we´re having a small break from doing gigs. And we are also planning to release a re-recorded version of Waves of Hate -demo, we weren´t very pleased with the sounds in the 2006 recording.

3 If you could tour with any band you haven't who would it be ?

K: If it could be any band, I´d choose Emperor or Morbid Angel. But basically I´m not picky of the bands that we are doing gigs, as long as they´re music would be around the same genres that we are inspired by.

G: I would love to tour with those bands that Kimmo mentioned. Additionally, it would also be awesome to tour with Watain, Behemoth, Mayhem or Meshuggah.

4 Aside from touring what are you hobbies apart from music

K: I do jogging and a bit of cross-country running to keep in shape, otherwise it´s all about music.

5 Where do you take your inspiration lyric wise ?

K: From life in general. Some lyrics, especially the older ones deal about your own emotions. New stuff is more about how this life and world works, how corrupted everything is. I like that people get their own views to the lyrics and not to explain them too much.

6 what are you plans for the summer any shows coming up ?

G: As Kimmo mentioned before we will not have any gigs for a period of time. Of course we could play gigs if there would be offer. But especially nowadays we are more concentrated on doing the full length album and getting it out. We will do lots of gigs for promoting the debut album when it is out.

8 What is your favorite song to play live ?

K: Probably Disgust and Your Worst Enemy, they´re the most progressive songs so they´re fun to play. Also I can´t wait to get to play the new songs live.

G: Last Breath of God, Disgust, God on Fire, Nothing Weak Survives are my favorite ones to perform.

9 Do you ever listen or take into account to what the fans are saying about the bands and to what degree does that responds influence you

K: Response doesn´t influence our way of making music. When I write songs, it comes out quite naturally, I don´t think what kind of style should I do now. Of course when you have began writing some song, of course it has a certain mood in it, and you want to keep that theme during the song. But basically we write music what has "our" kind of feeling in it.

10 What are your favorite bands

K: Morbid Angel, Akercocke, Emperor, Devin Townsend/SYL, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Meshuggah, Deicide, Sentenced, just to mention a few.

G: Well, there are many to count... Urgehal, Mayhem, Dissection, Watain, Tsjuder, Beastcraft, Marduk, Behexen, Craft, Shining,Thunderbolt, Cannibal Corpse,Behemoth, Slayer, Sodom, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Emperor, Septic Flesh,etc. The list can be pretty long so I stop here.

11 Are you planing on releasing any new material soon?

K: The goal is to start recording the full-length album during this year, so it should be out in 2013. We´ve got some offers from labels, but we haven´t signed anything yet, cause we want to check out if there will be other offers coming up.

12 How would you catalog Baptized in Disgust ?

K: It´s very progressive and aggressive, but still there´s quite a bit of melody. Even though it´s just an EP, you need to listen to it few times before it starts to open. But that´s what our music is about, progressive with full of different emotions.

13 Do you like any new bands in black death scene ?

G: There are so many cool bands. I try to follow the underground black / death scene as much as I can do. It would be a long list to mention all the new bands I like.

14 Any last words to your fans :)

K: Thanks for all the support and hope to see you soon! Check out and

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