Thursday, 3 October 2013

Band of today! Veligore (Black metal from Us)

This is the full debut album from New york Black Metal band Veligore. This band has only been in existence for a very short time about a year and this is their first recorded they made. It’s a good neat package, even if its being self-released, it has a cool underground vibe to it!

if your into black metal with a bit of darker and more heavy edge check our veligore I personally really enjoy this type of raw black metal then you will like Veligore...
The first track Gloomy winter, opens up strong and powerful like a gloomy day.
it fast tremolo picking and distorted guitars reminds me of early Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger ,
even the vocals are very good and very raw.. this is some interesting stuff I manged to locate,
As I open up the second track we are blasted away by fast guitar melodies and strong pounding drums... The sound still remains a bit raw yet its very comfortable.
its still continues to sound like something from the early 90's Norwegian Black metal scene!  
as I descend into the black river we are meet by chanting voices, a interesting start! 
you've got my attention, the bass and drums do a good job to build tension, as the guitars kicks in! and there we are again! the classic tremolo picking.

the bass can sometimes feel to high compared to other but it doesn't matter! 
still sounds good!
but still proceeding into the third track werewolves dungeon 
its interesting what a sweet energi the song creates fast and primal... 
over this full album has its charm! indeed
if you like old school black metal check out Veligore..

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