Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Terminally Fucked Up - Hollow Phobs

Terminally Fucked Up
Hollow Phobos

Band Hollow Phobs
Genre  Ambient
Location Uk
Label  Dipsomaniac Records 

First of let me start by stating that I have never been a huge Ambient music fan , but this is really something out of the ordinary
Right time for another review this time its a bit different as this band does marily consist of the presence created by the band !, sounds that can only be described as good as the band , its sounds decaying and raw, as some would say, a bit like a ghost or maybe taken straight out from a horror movie!
it gives you nice little chills down your spine while picturing this as the last things going through your head....

A lot comes to my mind as I am descending into the depths of coldness and confusion,
this band knows how to create a spiritual presence,  Hollow phobs is based in Uk England,
this could easily be  score for a upcoming horror film,
as I pass by each track it creates a certain feeling that reminds me of the movie The Shining,
my curiosity is at its top to find out what is lurking behind that corner !
the well made songs really places you inside a total dark scenery!
this is a 6 track ep quite long for a ep for some but its a really good mix of suicidal dark ambient music,
It could use some vocals and maybe guitar to back up some songs but overall its a good and quite a nasty ep filled with minutes of utter chillz, might as well be me thinking that I am lost in a abandoned mental hospital ,
while the songs also could be very good music for Pc games, like Amnesia or Slender some of 2012-2013's newest highlights! I recommend you to check out and download the ep !
we give it  7/10 for the bone chilling songs!

keep up the good work!

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