Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thy Light No Morrow Shall dawn! "A album that gives me chills from start to finnish"

Thy Light No Morrow Shall dawn! 
"A album that gives me chills from start to finnish" 

Alright I am not sure where I should start I have been a huge Thy Light fan ever since I heard their first demo suici de pression , years later they are back with No Morrow shall dawn, I never thought I'd be more happy and tensed for dsbm band to give another demo that was so amazing like this one!,
as the story unfolds, we are meet my the classic piano that truly gives you almost shivers down your spine, the classic piano intro that Thy Light kinda is alone on! I still feel a lot familiar as if it was left out on their first demo, even if the production is much more clear! it still brings us that raw dark old piano that has been standing in your basement forever just being dusted off and ready to be used!,

alone man sitting in the dark cellar basement figuring out his anxiety and frustration through the classic music piece , like Beethoven if he was still alive yes I dare to compare the dark melancholic keys gives me a feeling of that this is something truly beyond  and truly majestic that is going to be unfolded for our ears!. Suici.De.spair  is slowly fades away , and we open up the next chapter that takes us into his world of darkness and despair, like a story that yet has been solved, friendly melodic classical guitars are brightly but gently holding us on the edge almost as if we are supposed to not walk to close to the man standing on the chair just waiting to jump!. there are much mixed feelings inside the air once the tracks completely unfolds, what is going on ! its like you hear the thoughts inside his head just grinding over and over, the endless struggle, I can sense his bitterness and frustration coming out... almost like cold gaze that has just swept across the land, indeed troubled by something. I fear what is coming and what is just lurking behind the door, screams of suffering are more than overwhelming of this judgemental book, 

as things go quit I stand on my guard just waiting to be ready! as I slowly wanders through the hallway! where the photos of him used to hang!... left with nothing but a blank memory...

Slowly but steady I move forward to find the voice that has been lurking inside these walls, strong sharp notes of a guitar can still be hard of him, on the old classic guitar that used to be his best friend.. Now all i hear is the dark sad tunes on , played over and over as if he was still around! I can't put words on what I felt or feel, but there was something left untold,

his anger and hate still lingers on inside these old basement walls his bed undone, sheets laying above, 
the sounds of vivaldis strings can still be heard!,
as I walk into his old bedroom, I find the note layin on the bed!
neatly folded next to his school uniform,
above the bed is the beautiful photo of him standing next to the majestic golden gate bridge! 
I find my self in world of confusion as I open up what is to be his last words, nicely written on a blank piece of paper! .... I try to understand at the same time I know what has happened...

I find myself between life and death starring into the cold void, surrounded by white clouds, 
looking out of barriers of life, just waiting, for that moment.

slowly I move towards the railing , looking everywhere back forth, leaning over the fence embracing the cold air that softly touches my skin, and wipes away my tears,
dark as the days when I stood between life and death , just waiting for the soft breeze to take me away,
a string of illness and stomach ache passes through my body as I slowly climb up the railing. 
starring out of the blue sky I see people behind looking... not as if they were chocked but as if they were confused on whether or not this was really happening...
I close my eyes and slowly let the wind carry me away to other lands,
and thats how the story has been told of how No Morrow Shall Dawn....

Dedicated to my friend Paolo Bruno and Alex Witchfinder of Thy Light!

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