Sunday, 24 November 2013

Throwback Sunday!

Every Sunday we shall put up a new song or band that has really made a great impact in the local metal scene! I think there has been talk about this band before but here they are again! ZONARIA
here in northern sweden! Formed in 2002

First song out is At War with the Inferior,
Zonaria is currently working on new material, and has also been through some line up changes,

Zonaria are
Simon Berglund
Rickard Lundmark
Max Malmer
Caleb Bingham

Zonaria is currently signed to Listenable records, since their latest album came out!
Arrival of the Red Sun!

Some also know that their guitar player Caleb is facing trouble in swedish "hospitals" with high medical bills,
if you have a heart to care for the music and future of a band like Zonaria, support by donating!
on the link below!

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