Sunday, 19 January 2014

White Empress ep

For those of you that might have missed her majesty !has just announced that her new ep is now done and out to her people to spread her royal kingdom!
I must admit I never thought I hear something new and yet similar as I never expected her majesty to sound so amazing!
The ep contains four bombardiers tracks of which she promotes her royalty!  and indeed it shines well and lights up many new paths to her unknown land!
I can't really put my fingers on what exactly its made of but its sure is blistering and magic,
also remember  the fact that there are not that  many female fronted metal bands!
but White empress is here to embark on her devious journey! through the shallow lands ,
along with her court!
each track on the ep has its own distinct sound character, its groovy its fast, its the empress that speaks!
I would say this is nothing you've heard before!. Some of you may know that this is Paul Allender from Cradle of filth's other band project that he'd been very secret about, 
and indeed it does mark a new stage in the music scene! I do think white empress will make it to the top!
her kingdom is not gone! but just formed!
Now as another one of her servant , go and download the ep on the link below!
Hail to the Empress!

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