Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dead December

Dead December 

First off I am a huge fan of classic music elements in metal,
the track from dead december Everybody dies is a strong peaceful yet perfect mourning track,
the song has a slow clean sharp piano tune in the beginning along with a girl singing very softly ,
her voice is very beautiful yet it screams sorrow, and sadness, right from that moment we are carried away,
as I think deeper the way things have been lately and all,t he song becomes more and more important as it plays a different role,
as I cross bridges and landscapes, both here and in the past i do think the song has something really unique to offer,
the blend of symphonic elements and some Doom influences 
which is very clear, 
I must say I have never heard of this band before yet it feels like i have known the band longer,
their other song I saw you drown is a bit more melodic and has a bit more of a power metal feel, but still its raw and dark,
a lovely symphonic feel along with the lovely piano that I grew fond of,
the melody is very beautiful, almost as if it was written just by itself,
and the girls voice is just mind blowing,
her voice is very shy yet very mature,
the dark growls are very good, 
the depth the feel the anger…¨
the mix between her and the growling vocals are almost seamlessly made together , perfect blend.
the drums are very well made as well, the whole production is done by someone who seem to know what he is doing,
and is sure on the right path,
as I approach my final steps this gray day this last tune that plays so softly in my head fills me with sorrow, 

kinda sad to say but I  wish to hear more, 

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