Sunday, 29 June 2014

Nederhaat - Het Wrok der Volken

Dutchland is quite known for having a good metal scene at least the festivals,
Band Nederhaat does nothing different then keeping itself to the old style we are close to.
Low high pitched screams with blasting and tremlo picking guitars ,
a good blend of old and new black metal, the singer sounds a bit like Maniac which could say this record seem very influenced by early mayhem,
something of deathcrush chimera,
still they mange to keep up, and deliver kick ass black metal.
The guitar sound is very raw and the drum sound is what fenriz would call "true black metal drum sound"
the parts are well made
and each song builds up as you go along.

I find it sometimes hard to express really how I feel about this since its very different from the last music ive heard, meaning if you listen to brutal death metal a lot, and then listen to Mayhem.. kinda
but its a very bone chilling ep
if so, it really shows hope for the black metal scene, at least the underground part,
the band has signed as of march 2014 to Senseless life records so that will be interesting to see what they can deliver...  later in the ep I kinda feel like its darkthrone  I am hearing in a bit more different way.
 not bad at all I enjoy it a lot...
they really keep the "true black metal sound"
so if you have the time check out Nederhaat

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