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Ondfodt Interview 2014

Ondfodt Interview 2014

1 How did ondfodt start can you tell me a bit of the history and concept of the band?

We started out in April 2013 by recording our first EP. At that point there were just two of us in the band. We realized though that we would want to do liveshows and decided to recruit some more members. We kept on creating songs and after a little while we had all material we needed for a full album.

The idea behind the band was to create something really raw and aggressive. Naturally the visions have evolved with time. One red line in most of our stuff including songs that are now in progress is groovy riffs and rhythms.

The lyrics are hateful and deal with dark and destructive matters.

2 with only 1 previous ep you guys have made it pretty far ? how do you view upon that ?

We have worked hard and also had the good fortune to get to work with many great people who have helped us a lot with things such as promotion & distribution etc. Kenneth from Frykt Band Promotion is a good example. He has helped us spread out lots of CDs and merch in Norway.

We also should thank Immortal Frost Productions and Witches on Fire Records for their effort and devotion.

3 what were some of the bands that inspired you both past and present ?

Some bands that influenced us much during the first era of the band was Carpathian Forest, Marduk and Dissection. We were also inspired by some trashier stuff, which can be heard on some songs from our debutalbum. Then of course we have taken influences from a little here and there.

We are more and more seeking inspiration to our music from folklore, myths and local histories rather than from other bands.

4 What is your take on Satanism ? many black metal bands tend to sort of play around with the image,

There are indeed many who abuse the term Satanism.
People tend to use it as a social thing rather than what it actually is and should be, a religion...

Those who decide to walk this path should do so wholeheartedly instead of playing around.
Individuals like Jon Nödtveidt and Selim Lemouchi for example, deserve much respect since they actually gave their lives for Real Satanism.

In order not be mixed with people who play around with Satanic image, we would rather refer to our practises of art as Deathworship. This is a more suitable term that pretty much speaks for itself.

Esoteric and Occult themes are much present in our lyrics.

5 your sound is quite raw and very much like the old school days of black metal ? when forming the band ?

It was indeed what we had in mind when we started up the band.

The late 80's and 90's Swedish and Norwegian scenes have been big influences for us. We also bring out that same energy that was present in those days at our liveshows.

6 What is currently happening in the band?

We are preparing ourselves for some more liveshows. The next one will take place 22th of November in Jakobstad, Finland.

Also we recently got the tapeversion of our debutalbum released by Witches on Fire Records. Cassettes can be purchased from their webshop and they come together with brilliant looking patches.

More musical material is being prepared for future releases as well. At this point we have two brand new songs finished (one of them will be played at the gig next month).

Lets talk about your latest album HEX KONST what can you tell me about it from what Ive heard its quite a nice piece of art! ?

After releasing the EP we started working on the album. Songs kept coming at quite a fast pace and after what now seems to be a short time, all material for the album was finished. We had high motivation to get the album done so most things went smoothly. There were some line-up changes along the way though but we kept the flames burning high.

We did the recordings in many sessions due to various circumstances. We had access to an own studio (Wolfthrone Studios) and enough equipment to record it by ourselves. This meant we could avoid timelimits and stress and that we had the chance to take the time we needed to take.

Our vocalist handled the mixing of the album so that gave us a big freedom. Then a friend of and mentor of the band helped us by handling the mastering of the album.

We are very glad with how the album turned out.

The Artwork for Hexkonst was made by the brilliant Karmazid. It is a really impressive work of art that we are proud to bear on our record. When we got to see the artwork we were in the middle of recording the album and it really raised our morale in the band during the recordings and mixing.

7 How was the writing process for that record?

It began in April 2013 the moment we decided to start the band. Working on the album was an important step forward for us regarding songwriting, mixing and recording etc. It was an essential process for us that will lately be forgotten because of the personal value it held. We wouldnt be close to where we are today if we wouldnt have done this record.

It required some endurance along the way but we are pleased with the result.

8 How do you guys approach songwriting ? do you like meet up in the rehearsal room and jam or do you write individually ?

Most of the stuff is written individually. It happens on some occations though that riffs and ideas are brought to life while jamming.

Creation of art is a holy process! It requires a great connection to ones spiritual self to create great art. Thus we prefer to write music when the required spiritual energies are most present.

Music needs its time to grow. If the process is rushed it will most certainly destroy the music.

The emotional connection between writer and music is what is important!

9 Speaking to a musician to another todays music scene is quite big but also its hard to get a noticed since so many bands are coming up , what is your take on it ?

Well if you know what you are doing it and have something interesting going on everything is possible. There are many bands out there but you have to aim to play better and create better music than them. Then you just have to be stubborn and dont stop before you have achieved this.

Having the right channels to reach out to fans is important. Facebook isn't ideal anymore since they keep on making it more and more difficult for the bands who doesn't want to pay them to reach out to their fans.

10 what do you think about the metal scene today any new favorites ?

Many talented bands are coming up and many old legends are still around. There are some waves that we aren't too fond of but overall the scene looks quite good though.

Those who works to create original music in these bad economical times when monetary aspects are extra tempting and when many believe that extreme metal has reached its peak and cannot progress much further deserves praise for their work.

11 What are your belifs in ghosts and such since Halloween is just around the corner ? lets talk some horror movies^^

Have had some paranormal experiences through the years but nothing that bears enough evidence to support the existance of ghosts.

Afterlife is possible and it is possible as well that some kind of reflections from other dimensions could appear that could be percieved as ghosts.

The lack of evidence makes it seem a bit unlikely though that ghosts in their traditional meaning exist.

12 Favorite movie to watch on Halloween ?

Very rarely watch movies.

13 how was the reponse on your new album from fans and media ?

We haven't read or heard any negative feedback on the new album so far. There have been more interest from fans and media than we imagined there would be beforehand.

14 what are your thoughts on the digital era that is upon us and fans are more for digital mp3 albums than actual cds ? does that affect you ?

Its an inevatible process that has been taking place for many years now. There is of course a charm in holding a physical CD but the bitter truth is that CDs are of the past. Perhaps CDs will become trendy again in 20-30 years just like Cassettes and Vinyls, who knows.

I wouldnt say it affects us very much. We make music and keep the engines running for the sake of creatin music. The creative process is what is important and if people listen to the music on vinyls, mp3:s or on CDs isn't that important for us.

When it comes to downloading we think it is great if as many people as possible get to hear our music and feel affected by it. If we were into making money we wouldnt be playing black metal in the first place.

15 Do you think that the economy is allowing bands to live on the music or just the big ones ?

The economic part can be quite difficult. Equipment & travelling are things that requires lots of money. You have to have quite a name for yourselves as a band if you are to be able to live on the income recieved from tours and record/merchsales.

Still music should have as little as possible to do with money, at least when it comes to the creative process. Money corrupts art...

It is a full time job if you are to really put your soul into writing music. Even if you aren't physically creating music all the time it is always present in your head.
You have got the get money from somewhere if you are to be able to survive.

If one wishes to make big money there are easier paths to choose than to play black metal though.

16 Your latest album was released on Immortal frost production how has that corporation been! ?

It has worked out really well. They put much trust in us and they have been great to work with.

There are many horrorstories about recordlabels in general but we had the great fortune to get to work with a serious label.

17 Since you are a live band , how often do you guys meet up and practice together ?

We try to rehearse at least once every month. Then when we have gigs coming up and also when we have new songs to learn we rehearse more frequently.

18 favorite song to perform live?

Blodspill is one of them. Catchy tune and a solid opening song. Giganternes Vraal and Verlden Er Min Slakteri are others that are really fun to play live. Also one of the new songs that is yet unnamed is fun as hell to play live.

19 What do you think of the local music scene is it big where you live ?

When it comes to extreme metalbands there aren't many active bands around except for Magenta Harvest, Underjord and some other.

We have some great musicschools here in the area and there is a really great newbuilt music hall here in Pietarsaari. There are many cultural events and the musicscene here is very much alive. There are very much talented folks here and skilled musicians.

20 What's the plan for 2015 ?

We aim to play more gigs. There have been talk about some international tours but we shall see how it turns out. Also we will keep on working on new material and see in what form and when we decide to release new stuff.

We are sadly reaching the end for now!

21 Any last words to friends and fans ?

Thank you all for your support and devotion! Hope to see you all on tour one day!

its been a pleasure speaking with you !
hope to catch up soon!


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