Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hyperion - Blood of the Ancients

HYPERION - Blood of the Ancients
demo 2010

Hyperion 2010 demo "Blood Of The Ancients"
Hyperion is a Swedish blackened death band from Stockholm,
when I first got a told about this band I didn't know exactly what to expect because of the name really, but I was positively surprised , the production is good but still bit raw that makes you really feel like you are listening to a proper
version of the demo,
first up Moral Evasion a beautiful kinda sorrowful piece of melody opens up the song!,
its has a very trashy melodic death feel kinda like early At the gates,
very clear melodic lines it's very nice screaming vocals, more false chords like you expect from black metal bands.
fast double bass and amazingly well done tremolo picked guitars that just screams swedish death metal all over ! its hard to not enjoy this...
moving over to track 2
Primal Cosmic Ascendancy could be taken straight from the classic storm of the lights bane, the elements of which are Hyperion sing clear, Dissection melodic style and bit of the classic Swedish At the gates riff, in there,
even some nice solos are thrown in the mix! summing up this little demo is like a puzzle you know its good and there is big potential ,
I am sure we can expect a lot more in the future
from the band , the band was formed in 2007 and since then they have been delivering their dose of Swedish blackend death metal in the vain of loved Dissection, although this ep feels short and could surely be nice with an extra track I guess we have to wait for that....
! be sure to check them out Hyperion


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