Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Alastor - Waldmark

Alastor - Waldmark Review by Caleb

Alastor is the modern expression of that old school 90's black metal. The cold guitars, roaring drums, pulsing bass and wrenching vocals tipped off with chilling choirs and keyboards. The atmosphere of songs like "Fellwood" and "Old Glacial Lake" really bring you back to that original black metal sound with the dark, demonic guitar riffs, tremolo leads and the drums are beefy, clear and tight as fuck. The songwriting on this album is flawless with perfect transitions, huge sections and every riff makes me want to bang my head! I also really enjoyed the clean vocal narrations a that gives a bit of a break from the traditional black metal vocals. The range of the vocals is very impressive as well from ear piercing highs to full lows. The track "Lord of the Bohemian Forest" is by far the most epic track on the album in my opinion. The clean vocals towards the middle and melancholic guitar 

melodies really bring an atmospheric feel to this song for me, my favorite on the album. There is even a clean guitar intro in the song "Alpine Obscurity" which also features an intro with the drums and bass accompanying the clean guitar and it just works so well. The production on this album is perfect for the genre. The vocals and guitars are very clear, the kick drum clearly cuts through all the other tracks and the drums are thunderous. Also you can actually hear and feel the bass guitar and the rhythm has a really nice low balance to it which enhances the riffs quite a bit! The choirs and keyboards are there but not overwhelmingly loud like a lot of black metal, they are more of a supporting element to the epic guitar riffs. Overall amazing album from Waldmark, cant wait to hear more!

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