Monday, 24 October 2016


Norwegian Black metal band NORDJEVEL, which self-titled debut album was released at the start of the year had universal praise from fans and zines alike, have revealed a new video for a track from the album. The name of the track, “Djevelen I Nord”, which features TROLL’s Nagash on guest vocals, means “Devil in the North”, and the video is a visualisation of the theme of the song.  Directed by Marcin Halerz of Red Pig Productions “Djevelen I Nord” 

NORDJEVEL, which translated means “Northern Devil”, was founded by frontman Doedsadmiral and guitarist Nord. Whilst Doedsadmiral (SVARTELDER, DOEDSVANGR, ENEPSIGOS) himself remains a shadowy figure, whose real identity has never been revealed, there is little doubt that the rest of the band have come with impressive pedigrees.  Nord himself can add FATAL IMPACT, TVANGESTE and BYRDI to his resume, whilst Sweden’s Fredrik Widigs is known the world-over as MARDUK’s drummer. The trio have since been joined by former RAGNAROK bassist DzeptiCunt, completing the lineup which has now become a cohesive, and impressive, force, both in, and out, of the studio.

The band has announced they will close the year with a show at the Aalborg Metal Festival in Denmark on the 12th November, and have been confirmed for various festivals in 2017 among them Blastfest in Bergen, Norway, in February, Eradication Festival in the UK in April, and the Maryland Deathfest in May, which will be the band’s first North American appearance.

NORDJEVEL are currently working on their sophomore full-length album and more information about NORDJEVEL can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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