Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea Review

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea 

Set sail together because everyone's favorite rumsoaked pirates are back.
ALESTORM has returned to the seven seas with treasure in sight.
No Grave But The Sea is the band's latest pearl, and the band's 5th full length album.
So Sail away into the blue horizion because Alestorm is taking you on a conquest over the seven seas for a treasure hunt.
No Grave But The Sea is as rumsoaked as it is well written. The band makes a triumphant return to claim their gold back with songs about getting drunk and sailing. The band really knows how to make a solid performance. As we dive deep into the band's new stories, we can happily say that the sound of ALESTORM, as we know it, has not changed a bit.
It's in fact one of the most unique bands of today.

Pirate metal or folk metal you name it. They've been called everything.
No Grave But The Sea is no doubt the band's finest work since Captain Morgan's Revenge.
With their Jolly Roger theme and melodic keybords they really bring they really come out stronger in this album. Important is also that they never let go of their wonderful sing along melodies.

Christopher and his crew of the damned is back again on the seven seas for a new treasure hunt. Every track of the album is just pure gold. With the Opening track really sets the mood for this record. With the 10 songs Alestorm manages to live up to the anticipation of the fans with this album.
ALESTORM'S music has so many elements that its really hard to put to words what really makes them stand out. Is it the endless keybord melodies or the unique voice of Christopher Bowie and his self irony that makes the succsess.

Fire Up The Canoons and all hands on deck. NO Grave But The Sea is out May 26 on Napalm Records  

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