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In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017 review

In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017

IN REVERENCE started their musical journey in 2010 with Filip and Oscar being the only members wishing to form something unique within the extreme Metal Scene,
But not until September the band had a complete line up.
They brought in the talented musicians Sebastian Wedholm (guitar), Pedram Khatibi Shahidi (guitar) and Roni Ivonen (bass). After a few months they released their first demo called "Necrosis" in 2011. Later they changed the name to IN REVERENCE.

The band was originally inspired by deathcore bands, and death metal, but the sound came to life but with a totally new atmospheric sound unlike anything heard before.
In 2011 Roni Iivonen decided to leave the band after the demo was done. He was replaced by Dennis Morgun for the recording of the debut EP called Hallucination, a combination of the demo sound and newer material.

Only a year after the "Hallucination" EP, the band started to have difficulties again. as Dennis and Sebastian quit the band, leaving Pedram, Oscar and Filip behind on the vessel. The trio remained united and decided it was in the band's best interest to change their musical direction to a more death metal oriented style.

Pedram took on the new role as songwriter and lyricist for the next release.
The next big break for the band was The Selected Breed , a stomping return for the band, that really brought the hard work together and introduced Pedram as songwriter and lyricist.
The Selected Breed was the result of years of hard work and military discipline focusing on work together.

Combining dissonant guitar riffs with atmospheric melodies with an oriental touch , The Selected Breed could be compared to bands like Nile, to describe
their vibe.

The whole album sings with joy in the ears of the listeners from the first song. with heavy riffs and infuriating drums making their way to a new era for metal. Without becoming a cliche or too scared of going a different path , In Reverence shows skills and perfections in their art.
The 9 songs flow on well and together with the magic artwork of Billy Lundevall and Patrik Tegnander . The Selected Breed is an album that will last a long time and should not be mistaken for some newcomer. With a good mixture of Death metal and adding a good ambience with the touch of atmospheric vibe The Selected Breed will for sure be an album that I can see making its way to the top lists of 2017.

If you still haven't preordered the album after listening to the two amazing singles I am suprises me.  

The Selected Breed Is OUT WORLDWIDE May 26th on Non Serviam Records 

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