Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fisherman's Death! a band that knows its course,

A band that far to many has missed

" Fishing! drinking, doin what they do!"

2 new recordings of old songs from their Ep
here are 2 good oldies! from their Ep  2010

Fisherman's Death

Vocals/bass - Joakim häggström
Guitars - Thomas Lindqvist
Guitars - Nils Löfgren
Drums - Filip Krullet Löfgren

BOOK NOW Jocke is waiting down the boathouse!!!

Here is a little update of their studio time pics and 2 new songs at the end

´Selected photos from their studio time ! 2012

All pre production is done in "their very own" Fishing studio (aka Daemonicus rehearsal place, that they share space with.
all guitars bass ,drums is done and recorded in that place most of the time.
aswell as all drinking/partying , 
Vocals are mostly done at EAP studio aka Garageland studios in town owned by Rancid Ronnie from Bone Gnawer,Hate Ammo, etc 
he is also behind the mixing for most Fisherman stuff!
and he sure knows what he does!
Fisherman's death is a great live band, they always deliver with full canons and leaves your vestel in pices

Guitar tracking with Thomas aka Roger Brolin :P

More Guitars getting done with mr Brolin:P
Bass time with Mr Häggström aka The Fisherman boss!

Filip is thinking of pursuing his own career as a troubadour!

And his career as troubadour is going great!, he already  wrote a lot of great acoustic parts for this new record!

After some "hours" of hard working * its time for more inspiration or as we call it Beer storming"

After some time it goes something like this! Restless and wild 

Many beers later, time for a nap!

Later on much later they move down to Garageland studios in umeå

where Rancid Ronnie and Jocke is recording vocals,and while they are there they also do some  reamp on guitars and of course mixing/mastering.

Vocals being recorded! @Gargeland studio aka( Enhanced Audio Productions)

Ronnie doing his thing!!! 
Oh and I almost forgott here are 2 new songs from their new album! Enjoy!
and you can download the older stuff down here!

This is the last song we will realese before we are done with all the rest of the job on the promo, like Artwork, printing cds and so on!
We wrote this song during the recordings of the promo, in fact we replaced another song with this one! ENJOY!!!!

Fisherman's death - Discography

         EP for free at

our full lenght album is out download it here!


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