Sunday, 19 August 2012

Zonaria new album The Arrival of the Red Sun

Bandphoto Zonaria 2012

Currently listning to Zonaria's new album The Arrival of the red sun! a great album indeed!
so much effort it really lives up to Cancer Empire,
every course is strong, and powerfull, the band is clearly in good shape
fast and melodic yet slow and powerfull
Zonaria has done it again!
I hope I will get my hands on the album soon!
Zonaria can clearly measure up to acts like Hypocrisy,Dimmu borgir,
It is clearly why this album beats a lot of new shit coming out!
Zonaria still stands strong!
zonaria has really found their own sound
And i hear rumors that a new video is soon to be out by Zonaria so looking forward to  that!

check out their other stuff at here or official youtube channel!
or where ever you find them!!

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