Monday, 5 November 2012

Mephorash chalice of thagirion album Review

MEPHORASH 2012 ALbum Review 

From the dark roads of sweden rises Mephorash with their follower  up to their first album Death Awakens now  they are back with chalice of thagirion a new album that really creates black magic!
The songs brings darkness and hatred on all that it crosses Mephorash has done it again strong guitar lines with fast utterly insane drumming,
as the tracks begin I feels like something early from Watain not to be confused with the fact that this band is form the same town and I belivie they are sort of a follower of that band as well,
Mephorash are well known for their good guitar work might be because their guitarists Lethargus and Siatris well known song writing style! they bring a lot of atmosphere and dynamic with their new sound the album is realsed on Grom Records 
Mephorash is clearly no beginners and are well read on their theme as they bring their darkness.
Keep an eye up for Mephorash in your era! and support by liking their page and following them! I know I will!

I grant this record 8/10 


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