Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Daemonicus Interview 2012

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions it’s a real honor!
1 How was the tour? Did you guys get along great?

 We did a Balkan tour with the Polish band Christ Agony in april/may witch was really awesome. We were support act for the legendary Asphyx! It was our second tour in the Balkans, first tour was in 2010 with Negura Bunget, and the people there are really great.

2 What is currently happening in Daemonicus
We just released our second full length album, entitled “Deadwork” thru the American based company Abyss Records. And we are starting to book some shows for 2013.

3 Aside from Daemonicus what are your interest?

Besides our families we all got different musical side projects that we play in. Sanity of Impiety, Hate Ammo and Flagellant to mention a few.
4 How has the response been to the new album so far?
The response has been really great! And we are very pleased with the whole production on this album. We recorded everything accept the drums in our own C.C.H.B. studio and Ronnie Björnström did the mix and master. We recorded our EP “11 th Hour” in our own studio as well and that is something that works really great for us. To have the possibility to let the album develop in the studio.   

5 Any particularly shows you are looking forward more to?
We are always looking forward to play live! To meet all the metal heads out there and party is really why we do our music. We just been confirmed to play at the House of Metal festival 2013 and that I am really looking forward to.

6 You recently was booked for a Swedish festival House of metal how does it feel to be able to play along big names like Tankard Mayhem etc?

Yeah, as I said we are really looking forward to play there. Last time we played at the House of Metal was in their first year 2007 and since then the festival just keep on growing! And it´s in our home city so it´s always something special to play there.

7 Are you guys still rocking with your same endorsement or is there any new brands in Daemonicus
We pretty much use the same gear but we are always open for suggestions, hahaha!

8 Are there any new places you would like visit for 2013 ?
Yes we are planning a Western European tour for 2013 so I am looking forward to that. Stay tuned for more info about that!

9 ? Final Question do you have any message to your fans?
Just listen to the fucking metal and we see you guys on the road!!
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions !
Thank you/ Pike, Daemonicus

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