Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Termoil Interview 2012 "Old school Thrash"

First of i would like to Thank you for taking time to answer my questions  

1 Could you tell us a bit about the band! the history behind

Devon met Tot while taking guitar lessons at a local guitar shop in 2009. While jamming together and being in various bands they decided to make their own band. Troy and Noah are cousins and they met Devon at a local festival in 2010. They found that they had common musical interests and decided to jam. After disbanding via lack of drivers licenses they eventually formed together again as Termoil in the summer of 2011. Are are currently kicking ass...That’s the summed up version of it. A little bit about the band; We just want to bring metal back to what it was in its hey-day. FAST HEAVY and KICK ASS.

2 What is currently happening in the band 
We are recording our four song demo “The Metal Attack” and rehearsing for shows.
3 Aside from music what are you hobby’s apart from music

Devon- Play video games, pet my dog, watch movies and make people laugh
Noah- Explore nature, cuddle with my kitties, avoid run-ins with the law and enjoying myself
Tot- Watching Dragon Ball Z, Growing beards, stroking my beard and reading
Troy- Skyrim, Slayer, Mass Effect and some more Slayer and after listening to Slayer
(We all have zero lives outside of music haha)
4 Are you planning on releasing any new material soon? 
Our demo and an album as soon as possible!!!

5 Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics / music
 Lyrics: Life, historical events and personal expierences.
Music: Anything that is Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Metal, Classical, Jazz, and hard rock. (Anything we like)

Do you like any new bands in the metal scene ?
Havok, Evile, Warbringer, Holy Grail, White Wizzard, Elm Street, Dethklok, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Warpath....etc.
9 What where some of your influences while starting the band
The Big 4, New Wave Of Thrash, Teutonic Thrash, Melodic Death Metal, Death Metal and for solos, Neo-classical metal.
10 do you guys have any gigs that you are really looking forward to ?
We look forward to every gig equally. We are working on booking gigs after finishing our demo.

Do you have anything to add to your friends and fans?
THANK YOU!!! You guys kick ass!! Spread the word about us, we love you! You guys are one of the reasons we do this!!! \m/

Well Thank you for your time!
Good old school Thrash metal!
Follow the band here!

Termoil are!
Devon Rizor (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Noah Hablitzel (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
)Tot Zirger (Bass Guitar
)Troy Ritter (Drums)

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