Monday, 12 November 2012

Svartkonst Interview 2012


First of i would like to Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

1 Could you tell us a bit about the band! the history behind it?

Svartkonst is an "underground folk/black metal band" from Sweden.
Svartkonst started in the autumn of 2009 by Hovf – Bass/Vocals, Rovdjuret - Rythm Guitars and Ei saa Peitää - Drums. Under 2010 and 2011 Svartkonst also recruited 2 new members for bass (Luigi) playing and Lead Guitar A.G.

2. What is currently happening in the band?

We have just completed our first demo after 2 years progress, and we are really satisfied with the result. Our lead guitarist are at writing point in China so we are waiting for him to come home.
We have some upcoming shows next spring and are writing new material at the moment.

3. Aside from music what are you hobby’s apart from music?

Ha ha, be with friends, partying and listening to music i think. (and play video games - Eii sa Peitää)

4. Are you planning on releasing any new material soon?

We hope that our EP "Månskenets Barn" (Children of the Moonlight),
will be completed before the summer next year.

5. Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics/ music?

What kind of lyrics I writes depends on what mood I am in, sometimes I feels for Forklore and sometimes... something else.
I don't think the music is inspired by something special, it just comes to us naturally.

7. Do you like any new bands in the underground metal scene?

We don't really know any new bands in the underground metal scene.

9. What where some of your influences while writing Månskenets barn EP aka "Children of the Moonlight"?

Some of the tracks are just old demo songs that we had been giving a little shape up ha ha,
but the title track is a new track and one of our best.

10. do you guys have any gigs that you are really looking forward to?

Yeah, we have planned 3 gigs so far next spring.

11. Do you have anything to add to your friends and fans?

Thanks to everybody that has been supporting us so far and listen to our music!

Well Thank you for your time!

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Svartkonst is a band that reminds of me early norwegan black metal scene like 1992 era Burzum , Darkthrone
If you are into raw old black metal like early burzum and Darkthrone you will love Svartkonst

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