Friday, 25 January 2013

Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure Title track from upcoming album)

New Hypocrisy song! 2013

Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure Title track from upcoming album . I am so  going to pre order!


2013-01-25 02:00 - Swedish death metal legends HYPOCRISY have just released the cover artwork, tracklist and the first song of their upcoming new masterpiece "End Of Disclosure"!

It doesn’t take more than the first seconds of the opener and title track `End Of Disclosure´ to locate the new record’s position in HYPOCRISY’s multifaceted discography.
See for yourself and listen to the song on the official HYPOCRISY facebook site: 
Or get the track as free download here:

Being on a par with 1990’s brute yet multifarious masterpieces, “End Of Disclosure“ – produced by mastermind Peter Tägtgren in his Abyss Studio, Sweden – leaves no space for breathers.

Peter states:
“This time I wanted to go back to basic, felt like we lost it for the last couple of albums , it's straight to the point, it's more Hypocrisy than ever, the fast, the heavy, the epic.. Enjoy!”

The artwork was done this time by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, VADER…)

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