Friday, 1 February 2013

EXTIRPATION "Reverse the Reality" what a magic album!!

EXTIRPATION "Reverse the Reality" what a magic album!!
after few seconds right into the songs the weekend is saved,
EXTIRPATION is a band that mixes thrash and black metal really old school type of black metal,
just by listing to some of their tracks you really get the feel of what they  stand for!
I never been a fan of mixing styles to much but I must say this band really does it good.
The songs are rich of both classic thrash riffs mixed with a more feel that reminds me of black roll thrash like Vreid from Norway,
II myself am a huge black metal fan but also a huge thrash metal fan and the album "Reverse the Reality" is what I call a strong album, the songs have been well written perfect length for party and stuff,
very good clarity on the album the drum sound like a mix of early Slayer and Kreator while the riffs are much darker and less melodic the vocals are harsh and very evil indeed, the sound reminds me of norways black metal bands in 91 92,
So I am sure this band will do great! and we wish them the best!
be sure to check out

this album is a strong

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