Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fisherman's death a long travel !

Fisherman's death a long travel ! 
Many have heard the band but not many know how it all began! 
so today we give you the full story!

Fisherman's Death Is a metal band from Northern Sweden, Umeå. has a very original theme, sailor theme. Fisherman's Death was founded in winter 2009 by Thomas Linqvist and Joakim Häggström when they used an old distortion pedal which they plugged straight into the computer and recorded using midi Drums. The theme comes from the burning interest in fishing as well as the band parts to Fisherman's Death live on the coast in the north of sweden, Umeå. In the summer of 2010 they pulled up sharply when the guitarist Nils Lövgren, bassist Daniel Innala and drummer Oskar Sukki joined band. Fisherman's Death released their first EP in autumn 2010 and just one year after the first full length album was done entitled The Code, after some live shows in Umeå, the band parted ways with their drummer and bassist, leaving only Joakim, Thomas, and Nils left, a year went by and things where quit. In the early days of 2012 the band announced that they were still alive and working on new material for their EP now entitled Uncharted Waters. Also it was clear that that the same night they were out partying at shores Jocke was out walking at Nydala drunk and ran into filip who was sitting at a park bench drinking and asked if he played music… 6 months later we called him up and he Became our new drummer.. and this leads us to a few gigs around Umeå best that comes to date was Kulturnatta in Umeå 2012  really good show!, also first show with new line up,
And here we are a year later stronger than ever what’s new is our promo Uncharted waters will be released by Serbian Extreme Metal label Grom/Tmina Records in February 2013, so that’s pretty much what’s going on in the fish camp, we are also now working on full length, for 2013 so stay hooked!!!
Set Sail !!!

2010 Line up/2011 

2012-2013 line up!!

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