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Interviews 2012 with Nachtgarm of King fear, Negator,

Interviews 2012 with Nachtgarm of King fear, Negator,

This interview was done when he had recently joined Dark Funeral,
I will be posting old interviews here! 
 Interview with Nachtgarm (Negator, ex Dark Funeral, King Fear)

Hello, hope all is well?First I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

1 What's happening in your life music wise? I heard that you recently returned from tour with Dark Funeral at Kings of black metal, how was the show?

Hi! The gig at the Kings of Black Metal was great. Even though the organization was a little uncontrolled, we had a lot of fun.

2 In addition to playing in your band Negator you are also a member of sanguineus and King fear can you tell us about those bands?

Sanguineus was originally formed as under the banner of MARBAS in 1996. Later we changed the name to SANGUINEUS. It was and still is my first band which had public success. In 2001 we released our first record called”Bloodstained”. Due to personal reasons we split-up in 2004. Now, almost 8 years later, I reformed the band to record the second CD. All the songs we’ve written back in the days and never have been recorded are far too important to not record them and to let them die in oblivion.King Fear is a project which was founded by Mål Dæth in 2011. He asked me if I want to do the vocals and after I had heard what he has written, I was in for it! On the 25th of May our first EP will be unleashed on Mankind!

3 How does it feel to play in Dark Funeral one of the greatest black metal bands in the world

It feels great. Sometimes I have those moments where I cannot really believe, that I’m a part of this band. I grew up listening to them and now I’m a part of them. It is a dream coming true!4 If you could tour with any band you haven't who would it be?Pantera! (R.I.P. Dimebag)5 Aside from touring what are you hobbies apart from music?

Well... I have a lot of things to keep me busy but I would say cooking is one of my favorites. Especially for friends or beloved ones. Besides that I’m really into gaming (PS3, XBOX) and I love to go out to the beach or just chill wherever I can.6 Do you find it difficult to Rehears with the bands because you are spread out when example dark funeral live in Sweden and you live in GermanyNot at all. We are all professional musicians and because of that it just works. Of course we rehears here and then, but mainly I learn the songs on my own, while the band is rehearsing in Sweden. I know my stuff, they know their stuff. We meet, we play, we kick ass. Perfect!

7 What is currently up in Negator? Any new album on the wayYes! That’s why it is so quite at the moment. We’re focusing on the new record which will be one big step forward for us personally and music-wise. On the 10th of December we’ll enter the Studio once again. I can’t wait to unleash this beast. 8 What is your favorite song to play live with Negator?There are a few songs I really love to play live, but to pick my top 3 I would say:”Alte Werte”,”Eisen wider Siechtum” and”Gloomy Sunday”

9 Do you ever listen or take into account to what the fans are saying about the bands and to what degree does that response influence youOf course I do. I always try to read every comment, mail or whatsoever; we are getting from our fans, regardless of which band is involved. It’s not easy to keep up with everyone and every opinion, but for example I always go into the crowd after or before a concert to talk to know how they felt with my/our performance. I like constructive criticism and I think it is really important to listen to the fans. Of course you have a few haters everywhere, but those keep me even more trying!

Thank you Nachtgarm for taking the time do this intervew

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