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Izegrim Interview 2012 repost

Jeroen of Izegrim Interview 2012

First of i would like to Thank you for taking time to answer my questions No problem at all !!

1 Could you tell us a bit about the band! the history behind it.

Jeroen: Izegrim started way back in 1996. I won’t bother your readers with all the line-up changes and demo’s we’ve released, would become a bit boring I’m afraid, haha. Since the beginning we’ve had a grunting female on vocals. For us it’s pretty normal, new listeners could consider us a copycat of Arch Enemy. We’re simply not, we started with female grunts way before Angela came to Arch Enemy. Furthermore, our music is not that polished and tends to lean more towards the thrashy side of the metal-spectrum. Important features: Versatile songs, yet a coherent and balanced cd that should be listened to as one piece. We’ve done our best to write a diversified cd, not just songs on 230 bpm. On top of that we used more leads and melody compared to previous records. Major influences for us are At The Gates, Carcass, Kreator, Legion of the Damned to name a few. Performing live is our greatest passion. We are not the kind of people that stay backstage all day at a festival, so if you want to drink a beer with us and we play somewhere near you; chances are good to catch us somewhere in the audience, haha !

2 What is currently happening in the band Jeroen : At the moment we are very busy writing new material. 2013 we want to release the sequal of Code of Consequences. Furthermore we are preparing for a European tour with Onslaught. This will all take place in september/oktober 2012. Really looking forward to go on tour with these UK thrash-titans !

3 If you could play with any band you haven't who would that be ?

Jeroen : SSSSSLAAAAAAAYER !!! Hahahaha. Exodus, Lamb Of God, Kreator or Anthrax would do the trick too (as well as a shitload of other bands).

4 Aside from music what are you hobbys apart from music ?

Jeroen : Drinking beer, going to festivals and riding my motorbike. Pretty standard stuff for a metalhead I guess, hehe.

5 Where do you take your inspiration to your lyrics / music  

Jeroen : This is not a real concept album, where the lyrics tell a story from A to Z. There is a main subject within the lyrics; the older we get, the more actions we have taken, the more consequences you have to bear. It’s about reaching your (personal) goals by any means. This could relate to selfish behaviour, killing your beloved ones or even creating your own secret organisation to fulfil your needs. Lyrics are important, but we’re not the kind of band that wants to deliver a certain message. We stay away from war-related topics (heard them too often) and politics.

6 Are you planing on releasing any new material soon?

Jeroen : Yes, as mentioned before,
we are currently working on a new album. We have a pretty packed schedule. We want to take our time for the new album. It simply takes a lot of effort to shape the songs into a final version, we are not satisfied that easily. Our goal is to release a new album somewhere in the second half of 2013.

7 Do you like any new bands in the metal scene ?

Jeroen : Haven’t seen any real new exciting bands recently. I go to concerts as often as I can (almost once a week) but as far as NEW bands I havent been flabbergasted lately.
8 what where some your influences while writing Code of Consequences ? Jeroen: It’s a mix of personal preferences of all the bandmembers. Musically we find our influences in bands like At The Gates, Carcass, Kreator, Legion of the Damned to name a few. But also Cannibal Corpse or even Nevermore can be listed with these names.

10 How has people reacted due there not many female fronted bands in this type of genre ? Jeroen : To be honest, we don’t notice that people react differently to us, compared with a male-fronted band. We always preach that we are NOT a female-fronted band, we are simply a metalband, that’s it. Female fronted (in my opinion) has more to do with Delain and Within Temptation. Sure, we have a woman on vocals, but often I think she has bigger balls than some guys in the scene, haha.

11 How was peoples respons to 'Code of Consequences' ? Jeroen : Looking back (it’s been a while since we’ve released the record) we are very pleased with all the enthousiastic reactions. Both from the fans (the most important for us) as well as the reviews from the media. We’ve worked our asses off for that album and it’s good to know that 95% of the people like the new stuff.

12 Any plans for the summer? Jeroen : We have to play a lot of gigs in july, august, september and october. Perhaps a little holiday in between. And I’m sure we will visit some summerfestivals this year !

13 Any last words to your fans and friends ? Jeroen : Ah, the famous last words ! Thanks for your time and interest in Izegrim. If you catch us at a gig, don’t be shy and drink a beer with us. Cheers !

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