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Coldbound Interview 2013

Coldbound Interview 2013 with Paul
First of thanks for taking the time to answers my questions its been a while since I had intervews up but better late than ever!
so lets start of by asking how are you today?
Its goin' good man.Tired from job and studies.
1 If you could describe your music for somone who haven't heard it how would you do it ?
Well , of course depends the tastes. Extreme music is always different on people's vision and imagination .

2 Who is your favorite lord of the rings character ? if you have one ?

I would say Gandalf for his wisdom.
3 What is currently happening in coldbound ? I understand your new album is just about to be out ?

The debut I (Constellation Of Dawn) is already out worldwide through 3 extreme metal labels (Depressive Illusions Records from Ukraine , Senseless Life Records from UK, Winterrealm Records from Australia). Depressive Illusions Records and Winterrealm Records are shipping physical copies of album and soon Senseless Life Records will start printing copies too as well. Currently the whole project is set into hibernation with only purpose to spread the current music and there are a lot of new ideas for the sequel which will be named II .
4 Your new album is out by Depressive Ilusion records how did that deal come about?

I was sending one day some samples of my music via mail at 2 record labels that a friend of mine suggested me . The one was Depressive Illusions Records.The answer of the Sergiy (Moloch) was really fast and we reached finally an agreement . I got my copies up to the time in really high quality so I have no reason to complain with my collaboration between D.I.R and Coldbound.

5 What marks do you think your music will leave upon those who observe it ?

I think this project was slow and dark...really dark. Even in my ears is not the perfect music that is made but still has the essence of coldness and darkness. I wish that my album's artworks are equal to the music and the name.
Although someone can think that the title Constellation Of Dawn would not sound so dark at all but I decided that as far as this was debut , so its my personal constellation of my personal dawn.

6 over to gigs etc do you like clubs or festivals ?

Festivals most. Have the chance to lay in the grass or sand and enjoy my favorite bands. Clubs are nice too under circumstances but most I prefer open air festivals.

7 as this year draws to an end what do you think you are most proud of ?

The fact that I am still alive with all those difficulties and the fact that I am 100% independent is a reason that makes me feeling proud.
8 and of course what are your plans for 2014 ?

Working,studying , sequel of Coldbound etc etc etc.
9 What kind of weapon would you use in a a zombie apocalypse ?
I dont think that this bible story will ever reveal in reality.

10 If you could choose between any fictional monster who would it be?
Hmm good question but honestly I dont have any idea.

11 Slayer  Metallica or Anthrax  ? 
Sincere answer, no one. haha
12 Cat or dog person ?

Dog person most (Because some traumas from my previous job as cannot work with cats its impossible)
13 Cookie or cake ?
Both are good.

14 Favorite time of the year?
Luckilly in Finland the seasons of the year are equaling the name of the season, so I would prefer any time of the year here in Finland.

15 what is your favorite drink both alcoholic and none 
Water . I hate alcohol (of course I do drink but its just a waste of money if you want to ask my opinion)
16  Favorite guitar hero?
Oystein G.Brun (Borknagar) .
This guy can write down the most unique riffs out there.

17 Favorite album of 2013
Cronian-Eranthems (Season Of Mist Records)

Back to coldbound!
18 Could you tell us a bit more how the process was for this album?

It all began as a huge experiment. Purchasing quality products for recording such as sound board and card, microphone , a brand new les paul custom pro guitar and softwares with loops. Then I thought that the idea of making music instead of covering , would be even more cool. If you check out my first ep "Banner Of Stormy Welkin" you will understand that the whole project is totally vague because of the previews reason. I still was not able to get in my genre.
After recording drum loops I ended up that it would be cool to write down long length doom black metal tracks. So I did. 6 brand new songs and 2 metal songs from the EP(I say metal cause the majority of the EP contains instrumental tracks).
Of course I must thank here my dear friend Krista Löfman for the motivation and for the photography session and master Jens F. Ryland of Borknagar for building the concept on how should I promote my project in the web.

19 How has the response been to your new album ?  
The responses began right after the release . So far I am excited to not read any bad comment about my work . I hope that I will have the chance to read reviews in the future ...good or bad it doesnt matter, what doesnt kills you , makes you stronger right ?
20 Will there be any special editions of your new album?

There's one special edition so far from Depressive Illusions Records in jewel case limited up to 33 copies but also I am producing right now with the help of a good friend , one edition with a 12 page booklet and different colour cover. I hope it will turn out cool .
Already there is digital purchase on the other 2 labels.
Thanks for chatting with us Paul!

Thanks man ! wish you good luck with your effort.

'links to the band and label!
More info at!

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