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Netherbird the ferocious tides of fate 9/10

The ferocious tides of fate is the newest album to date by swedish Extreme band Netherbird,
I have been a long time fan of netherbird since beginning of 2010 when I heard The Blackest breed feat Adrian Erlandsson ex Cradle of filth, since I am a huge cradle fan I thought I'd give the band  a shot and see what it was! and I was literally sold after just one video! , the darkness and melodic feelings that surrounds us, Netherbird are more than just music, its all about their listeners and their art! That I think they make clear!
how ever looking at what is presented  ferocious tides is a lovely mix of pondering hard hitting Extreme metal, I usually don't like to categorize this band but I do believe that this album really falls under Blackend Death metal,    I personally think this album has everything that fans have come to expect from Netherbird ,Strong melodic guitar parts, high pitched to low vocals, fast and furious drums, not so strange as they have recently been joined by Mr Nils Dominator fjällström, (Dark funeral) (Myrskog)ex Aeon ,The Wretched end, Sanctification, You name it he has been there... ;)

Netherbird is band from Stockholm Sweden, 2004 seem to be birthdate for netherbird! I have heard rumors that they started around the time Swedish band Dissection was doing their reunion gigs or something in that style ill check with that later!,  But now back to the album, we are presented with 6 amazing well written tracks , I find it hard to review each track of its own with fairness but I can  at least give a basic simple opinion on the album in its all! as thats how you view it! , I find it hard to not think of Dissection when I listen to this album it feels like its something that could have been written at some points by ex members of the band , not to say that they sound exactly the same but I hear influences in the music, obviously the band itself is fans of Dissection...  well over to next part of this supposed to be a review   !
The album is full of extremely well done tremolo picking for all black metal fans desire, the song entitled Elegance and sin is one of my favorites it has one of the most amazing guitar riffs of 2013 I personally would say!, I love the way the Nephente really uses his amazing low growls for the song it really creates magic!. he's a very varied vocalist which is quite rare nowadays,
Elegance and sin is also a video , the song is characterized with the fast opening blast beat that really kick start your day! and almost makes you spill out your black coffee,
be ceratin that the song continues in the same path, straight forward like a arrow it penetrates you ears so beautiful! I can't stop finding myself somewhere else when you hear the song, after some time the song fedes down and we are meet with friendly almost hypnotizing guitar melodies along with the rest of the band kicking in the backseat,  its also the first song to feat a guitar solo quite rare in black metal.
after a while we mix it up and listen to Ashen rots just because Ive been bugging Nephente to release it as its the first song of the new album,  I actually mostly heard the drums to begin with but the drums really made a mark ,
 the song overall is really amazing fast primal and melodic atmospheric, all I can wish in a song,
they sure know what people like!..I can say if I will see them live anytime soon I am gonna be in the front shouting ASHEN ROTS!!! until they play , yes the song has been in my playlist on repeat for the last days,

.moving on to shadow walker Strong harmonic twin guitars like a maiden thing you'd expect! as always they play it tight and beautiful guitar work that leads up to the song, its a bit slower, to start but its does continue with the tight double bass as always loved ,
the guitar riffs are fast and aggressive as are the vocals, the evil is in the air, the tremolo picking continues through the song with marching pounding drums, as I listen to the songs I remember seeing dominators youtube videos from netherbird warming up I believe that is shadow walker.a fun little tune indeed!
Next up Setting of the sun! also the closing track!
what Can I say really the tremolo is there again this album really has a lot of good tremolo picking it reminds me abit of the early songs but not bad at all I enjoy every second of it! almost makes me want to grab my guitar and  play along! , Closing down if I could compare this record to another past record It would be really Dissection's Reinkaos an important album indeed, and a I can with confidence say that Netherbird is on the right track! I do think  Jon would be proud in the sense of seeing Dissection music live on as a influence and living as inspiration for musicians ...  Johan if you are reading this keep up the good work and see you soon brother!!! Horn high! keep up the amazing work!
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