Wednesday, 11 December 2013

House of Metal – 4th band announce more bands! Napalm Death, and AVATARIUM

House of Metal has released  more bands! Napalm Death, and  AVATARIUM

Tickets - New!

2014 before the House of Metal requested a youth price of the tickets. There is also a reduction of two-day ticket for adults at the perfect price 666 kr.

Under 18 years minimum 13 years old

1-day - 270 + service fee

2-days - 466 + service fee

Over 18 years

1-day - 370 + service fee

2-days - 666 + service fee

Tickets are on sale via

Other bands for House of metal 2014 
Hatebreed (US)
Hypocrisy (Swe)
Belphegor (Austria)
Thyrfing (Swe)
Civil War (Swe)
Enforcer (Swe)
Raubtier (Swe)
Skull Fist (Can)
Vanderbuyst (NL)

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