Saturday, 29 March 2014

Folk viking band TVIVEL!

-Right tonight band or todays for some :p Swedish Death folk metal band TVIVEL

From what Ive been told by their guitar player! this is kinda how this epic journey started 
me and Pontus wanted to continue making music together after we laid down our past projects Vaalturion. we scraped together some members and started making new music after we played the last of our old material (ash era and whirl wind king) and seems like that TvIVEL was founded!

If you are a fan of folk metal then you will love this band, if you like Finntroll which I am sure you do!
since you listen to this kind of music..
then you must check this band out! combining Death with folk metal! kinda like Amon Amarth! but different!
here are some small info!

Below you can find your links to download and stalk the band!

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