Sunday, 23 March 2014

Who the fuck are Machine of scars?

Machine of scars ! (Melodic Death metal from north of Sweden)
Founded deep in the cave of ours, Machine of scars is a description of the bands statement and ivolves lyrics that are directed as information.

Some know them maybe by their earlier work and some don't,
the fact that they created an entire new sound and image does a lot!
we can still remember some of their more classic songs from Fisherman's death! thats right its the same foks behind this, genius project just a bit different sound heavier more like a Meshuggah gone In flames,
mixed together!, but still its a genius ep! technical and brutal,
north of Sweden really take their music serious! 
I am sure we can expect something cool from this band soon!

Machine of Scars  are

Joakim Häggström - Vocals
Thomas Ernestål - Lead Guitars
Nils Löfgren - Rhythm Guitars
Casper Forsmark - Bass
Gustav Holmberg - Drums

the ep contains 4 tracks of good techical chugging melodic death metal!
Track 1: Shift Of Mammalia
Track 2: Machine Of Scars
Track 3: The Mark
Track 4: Brahma

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