Friday, 23 May 2014

Interview with Tenebrarium 2014

Goodday! all
first thanks for taking a moment to enduldge yourself into this day of questioning! 
lets start by asking how are you all doin?

1 You you are a symphonic black metal band whom  would you say are your prime influences `? 

When we began our first influence was Dimmu Borgir, cause was the only band that all 4 agreed to make covers of. Later on, a shit load of influences came by, like Old Man Child, Emperor, some Sweeden DM like Edge of Sanity, Opeth, some depressive suicidal like Silencer, and lately, some Djent bands like Tesseract, mostly because of our drummer, who´s a big fan of all that weird shit XD

2 You recently signed with Seneseless life recors how did that deal come to point?

They contact us, a month ago or so, we don´t really know how they find us, I assume it was Youtube, but it was exactly what we were looking for: an independent label with great tastes in this kind of music, so we accepted without a second thought.

3 your latest album  Spiritual Darkness and the Mysteries of Heaven Released: 2013   how has the response and reaction been towards it ?

Overall, it was a good response, we only distributed it online, we reached 921 downloads, we are optimist about reaching a 1000 by the end of the year. And that for us will be some sort of “commercial success”. In this country, only Thrash and Heavy Metal are accepted, there´s no support for Extreme bands.

4 If you could own another bands werdobe  which band ?
Emperor, because we like that sober and stylish attitude, we don´t use corpsepaint or crosses, nothing like that, we want our music to talk. So, Emperor will work for us just fine.

5 Whats your favorite alcoholic beverage ?

6 summer or winter?
Winter! Without a doubt, mostly because I sweat too much in Summer… hate that shit

7 cats or dogs?
Dogs, I like their company
8 pizza or burgers?
9 First inspiration? that made you start to want to play metal
Queen make me want to play music, but Black Sabbath (with Tony Martin) makes me play metal 
10 dream band to tour or play with?
Cradle Of Filth, mostly because they have a chick at least XD

12 how drunk do you usually get when going onto stage ?
Because of my instrument, 0 alcohol for me, because you can miss the keys easily, but my bro play the guitar and the fucker usually steps in the stage stone-drunk but never misses a note… I envy him! XD
13  favorite horror movie?
The Relic, The Howling Series, and even if it’s not horror, the Godzilla series

14 Where do you see the band in 10 years from now?
Hopefully, touring Europe, recording in Argentina and being a well-respected band, and if everything fits, with the same members.

15  who  was the mind behind your recent artwork?
All 4 of us, that’s because the whole band writes music, Monty makes all the rhythmic patterns, Javier (my brother, guitar) comes with material just like me, and Jejo (vocals) writes all the lyrics. We are deeply immersed in what each one is making so we can suggest changes in the stuff, even if it’s something that I am not writing.
16 If you were to gig at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizarding 
how would your set list look like and what would be your first impression from opening the letter to arriving! 

Our Setlist for Hogwarts will be depressive with our most funeral doom material, mostly because all the time somebody dies in there! It´s really an unsafe place for children! XD I don´t know what expression can I make in that situation, possibly smile because I wil be drunk XD

17 if you could say one thing to any Harry Potter character, what would you say and to who?
To Ronald Wesley: Die fucker

19 Which festivals are your favorite to attend ?

Here in Argentina there´s not really a great choice of festivals that I like to go, if I were in Europe, Wacken
Lets see how the band work on stage !

20 a loud drunk fan jumps up on stage, secrurity is away , while you're in the middle of a song,
what do you do? 
A  Ask him politely to go down, 
B Push him down or throws him down( Marduk style)
C Smash the fucker in the head with your instrument (watain style)
D Ignores him
I´ll invite him to sing with us!! XD if it gets violent I use a mawashi geri and continuing playing jajaja

21 Favorite album of 2013 ?
Persefone – Spiritual Migration
And thats it for this time thank your for taking the time to chat with us we hope to hear more of you!!!

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